[A] Failed Attempt 10m LF Mdps for MoP

Failed Attempt's morning raid group is looking for an exceptional melee dps for a core spot for MoP. We expect this player to know his/her class inside and out, and become dedicated to the raid. With MoP coming up soon, we will try and get you in on our DS raid, so we can see what you can do, but also so you can meet everyone else :)

Classes were looking for are:
Enh Shaman
Monk (however you would have to be pretty dedicated at reaching lvl 90 asap)

Failed Attempt has been around since 2008 between 2 servers. We had a late start in Cata but ended 13th on the server progression wise. It's not great, but with a solid roster at the start of MoP were aiming for top 5 server progression this round :)

We raid two days a week for roughly 6-7hours. So were not a "hardcore" raiding guild but we do require our raiders to do the research on both their class and current raid progression. As well as coming on time and fully prepared for raid. We consider ourselves a "dedicated" raiding guild, were we have a short raid week, but strive to progress each week.

Raid days are:
Wednesday 10:00am - 1:00pm Server Time
Thursday 10:00am - 1:00pm Server Time
(raids do tend to last until 1:30pm most weeks during progression)

If you feel that you're the person we're looking for feel free to reply here, send one of the officers an in game mail or apply at our website.


AM Raid Groups Officers:

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