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Hi Turalyon! I am currently low in Gold and want to offer my gathering services to you all. What I am starting to gather is profession packages. What are profession packages? Well they are services to power level almost any non-gathering profession from 1-525.

What these packages will include is all ore smelted and prospected, all mats gathered including the various vendor patterns that you would normally have to fly all over for if they are not BoP.

Currently in stock. (Smelted/prospected ready to go):
Engineering 1-300 (will finish to 525 tonight 8/18)

My current prices at the moment are:

Leatherworking:25k (currently do not have any skinners. Currently leveling a skinner as we speak)
Blacksmithing: 20k
Engineering 20k
Jewelcrafting 25k
Inscription 20k
Alchemy: 20k
Enchanting: 30k (this profession takes a few days longer and is very costly thus charging 30k)


I can have everything ready for you usually within 1-3 days. Where I am getting what I need to level your profession is from www.wow-professions.com I will round up the mats to insure that you have enough to complete each section.

How will you get all your mats for the profession?
We will have a bank with all the required items you will need to get your profession maxed.

We can either mail the mats, give you an alt access to level it from the bank, or trade in-game.

I do not see you online, how can I request a package?
You can rely on my thread here or send mail in-game.

How do you get the packages so fast?
I do not sleep much and tend to have plenty of time.

The quote you just gave me set-in-stone?
Yes, I will write down each order, character names, and when I said it would be ready.

Can you do this for Horde?
Not at this moment. Down the road I am looking to expand to Horde.

Why is Alchemy leveling cheapest?
Its one of the easiest to gather and not prospecting or smelting required.

Selling any stack (20) of any flower/ore you might need!!!! Many in stock now! or can gather within 24 hrs.
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If you can get several LW packages together, I'd be interested in buying them off of you. If you can secure a skinner or enough leather to do so, please let me know. My only set-in-stone requirement is that I need these before MoP launches.

I'd also be interested in several Enchanting and/or BS packages. Let me know in-game if you're interested and would like to talk price.
I can start working on the LW packages. I can probably swap the Engineering to BS since I have a lot of the mats already. I will contact you when I get back today.
Roger dodger.
I am online and in game atm. If you dont see Unsoul I may be on my Paladin Luosun or my warlock Horrorscope.
Gotten quite a lot acquired for enchanting, leatherworking and blacksmithing. I will try and get ahold of you again later. If you do not see me online you can contact Sawdusted to let him know what you are looking for.
Currently I have

3 - Leatherworking
3- Blacksmithing
1 - Enchanting
1 - Engineering
1 - Tailoring

I am going to close orders until these are filled.
We have an unclaimed Alchemy Package available for 20k. Can be delivered at any time all mats gathered already.
I need that too.
Alright, I will hold it. Off to work. Good morning 4am.
Need an Engineering package you can contact me on either Ferby or Helopedwil on Turalyon. I'm on somewhat often or you can leave me an in game mail.

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