Silent Elites Is Recruiting!

We are a casual raiding guild focused on progression; we go only for 7 hours a week to the current raid content but we try to get the most of it, we understand everyone has a life and that's why we do not request for them to be in every guild activity but we expect everyone to be there for raid 10 minutes before it starts. We start at 7:00pm ST that means you have to be online between 6:50pm and 7:00pm.

We currently have 2 groups, 1 goes Tuesdays & Sundays & 2 goes Wednesdays only (although this will change for MoP and this group will go also Thursdays)

Mostly we're recruiting for mop, however we do have 2 spots open for first group and 2 for second.

Our progression? DS 6/8 hm's 4 First Group, and 5/8 hm's 4 Second Group.

Feel free to visit our website for further information such as which class we're recruiting for the end of cataclysm, whos in our roster, apply, etc.

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