[H] Culture Shock 2/12 Recruiting!

Tier 15 Progression: 2/12 (Council gives me headaches)

Current Needs:
Fury / Arms Warrior
Frost DK

Holy / Disc Priest
Resto Shaman
Resto Druid

Please be 490+ilvl. We aren't looking to carry people in ToT, we need geared toons to help push progression.

We have 2 raid groups planning on raiding Throne of Thunder. Neither group is labelled as the sole "progression group." Both groups are equally geared and equally progressed, may the first group to 13/13H win!

Group 1 Raid: Tuesday 8-10pm, Friday 7:30-10pm, Saturday 5-10pm. All times PST.
Group 2 Raid: Wednesday 7:30-10pm, Sunday 7:30-10pm.

Thanks for your interest, and can't wait to hear from you in game!

bump 8/22
hai, i like forums
Bump for 5.0.4

We currently have our main group raid on Friday from 5-9ish server, and we have our alt raid run on Sunday at the same times.

Come MoP, we'll probably have our main group raid Friday and Saturday from 5-9 server, giving us an extra day to work on new raid mechanics, etc.

If you are still interested please feel free to contact me in game. Also, whispering any Culture Shock member can get you in touch with one of my officers, who can extend you a ginvite at your leisure. Thanks for the interest!

Bump for great group of guys and gals
Just a quick reminder to all those interested. We are now accepting any and all classes to help us level in MoP and be considered for our progression raid group. Send a whisper to anyone in game and they can put you in touch with myself or one of my officers. Thanks again for the interest.
Update: We have recently shifted our raid comp to better prepare ourselves for MoP, and are looking for one of the following classes for our 10th progression spot:

Warlock (any spec)
Death Knight (Main Spec DPS, Off Spec Blood)
Rogue (any spec)

Our raid days will be Friday and Saturday evenings, from 5pm server to about 10pm server. Raid days and times are somewhat flexible based on real life conflicts.

Please feel free to contact any member of Culture Shock in game, they can put you in touch with myself or one of my officers. Thanks for your interest, can't wait to talk in-game.
We are still looking for a few good DPS to join up and raid with us in MoP. Keep your eyes on trade chat, or feel free to whisper any member of Culture Shock in game. Thanks!
Our website is updated and running smooth, and is a great place to fill out an application! We are currently looking for multiple toons to finish up our 2nd raid group, and are accepting all characters. PST in game if you have any questions!

not to be a downer but good riddance Berelyte
Way to necro a 6 week old thread. Oh and by the way...lvl 85s can call people out now? LOL, what a waste of space.
Well, I'd hate to let a good necro post go to waste so it's time to update! See original post for 5.0.5 information!
Updated for progression. We're almost ready to raid heroics!
Gav, just get a hold of Death and he'll give you the freakin' ginvite already! We may be raiding 25 mans soon, so keep in touch man.

Also, updated for more progression!
Updated for even more progression! 16/16 Normal, 2/16 Heroic!
Updated for recent guild news, and a step towards 25 man raiding!
Updated for 25 man raiding, and requested class/specs. 25 man raiding starts on January 25th!

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