[H] Culture Shock 2/12 Recruiting!

Updated raid information. 25 man raiding starts in 12 days!
Bumped for the countdown. 10 days until 25 man raiding!
Edited for finalized raid days and times. Still accepting applications!
Edited for new recruitment info.
Bumpity bump, our first 25 man raid starts tonight! So excited!
Recruiting just keeps going sweeter and sweeter. Welcome to all of our new guildies that we picked up this last weekend.

Congrats to everyone on our first successful 25 man raid. OP edited to show dual progression.
hi there. was just wondering if you guys are still recruiting for your 10/25 man raid groups? looked on guild website but wasnt sure if i just missed it or what. thanx
I'm pretty sure Bere here would take just about anyone that'd be willing. :) Culture Shock is (or, rather I knew it was) a bit smaller than Provisional Sin, but seems to have more active, raid ready 90's.

Bump for a fellow guild leader. Because Bere likes walks on the beach at sunset.
Hey Flame, shoot me a btag in game. I'll be around later tonight. Thanks.

Edited OP for updated recruitment needs. Go go 25 man raiding!
Good luck to Culture Shock this evening and weekend in your 25 man progression. :)
Bumped for new progression and additional recruitment needs.
Greetings. Are any of your groups in need of a Holy Paladin? Guild collapsed a bit ago, so I'm looking for a new home. I have other toons, but this is the only one that's really geared for decent raiding :)

Thanks in advance.
Multiple raid changes in preparation for 5.2, with many new recruiting needs. Take a look!
Updated once again, raids happening this weekend and we need YOU.
Updated for Progression! 2 down, 10 to go!

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