[A] Reprisal - We don't have witty titles.

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I keep thinking I should come up with some witty schtick for The Indelibles, even though we never recruit. Maybe something like:

"The Indelibles: Little People doing Big -P-e-o-p- ...er... Things"
I believe Cayreth may have some officer recommendations. I guarantee they'll be under 4'6".
I updated the original post but wanted to throw this here in case anyone skips to the end.

Still recruiting 3/5/13

This post is now edited yay....

Reprisal | Alliance | reprisalgaming.guildlaunch.com | PVE/PvP/RP

I'm not sure what you're looking for in a guild. I don't know if we are 100% of what you are seeking. I don't know that we won't hate you completely.

But I know that we are fun. Mostly.

Seriously, I can drag this recruitment post out forever and talk about this and that and oh man we did this thing once. If you want a list of our accomplishments I'd say it boils down to one.

1. We are friends.

This guild isn't about who does the most DPS or how many times half the group dies to attenuation, it's about playing with people that you enjoy. Like many guilds, we are finding ourselves a bit short of players these days and sometimes I feel like I talk to members via text more than in game chat. Even I haven't wanted to play the game that much lately. On one hand there are so many things to do and so many things I should be doing but I've played for so long. It makes me tired.

But when I think about getting on the game I'm not thinking about how I should be capping my valor or dailies. I'm thinking about what my friends in Reprisal are doing and what we want to do. Those are the kind of people we want. We want new friends.

If you happen to know how to not die to crap in raids then you might become a best friend.

So long story short, if you are looking for some cool cats to hang with then drop me a line. You can message myself, Nipo, Kinian, Genesee, Kongming, or anyone in the guild. If I'm not on, just send me an in game mail, add me to friends list, and feel free to shoot me a whisper whenever I get on.

*Edited a crapload from original post to reflect most recent desperation.
1. We are friends.

I would just echo this. I've had the honor to get to know some of the people in <Reprisal> and they're a ton of fun. It's truly a guild where you log on for the people. It's a great guild to spend time in and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a guild.

Watch out for Kinian though. He likes to stab, stab, and fear things. Just ask him. =)
A strong thumbs up to this recruitment post.

I've known Eohnavi since we were both lowly paladins running around killing murlocs and GNOMES in Redridge. He's a great guy and I believe has taken Reprisal in wonderful directions.

Don't forget to ask Eohnavi to show you his sword.

Gnomes!!! You two were killing Gnomes!!!

While we like them medium rare, we have to gut and bleed them prior to cooking them... Geesh
Aer! I don't do those things to friends!!! Sheesh. So join Reprisal, and we can stab and fear things together.
If you do join us, avoid anyone who plays a Panda...

/cough Gim /cough
A /wave for all the lovely people in Reprisal! Eohnavi was nice enough to let me come in briefly on trial while I was still searching for an RP guild, and I've always appreciated that kindness.

/waves at all the people. Everyone here is amazing! :D
Aer! I don't do those things to friends!!! Sheesh. So join Reprisal, and we can stab and fear things together.

*Laughs* That's true. You haven't tried to stab and fear me, yet.

Everyone here is amazing! :D

This is the truth! Such a fun guild!
We need more PvPers for Isle of Thunder. Almost nightly PvP raids forming.
We need more PvPers for Isle of Thunder. Almost nightly PvP raids forming.

Don't forget we need some more Raiders! (DPS... I know, right?)
Free bumps for Reprisal! They're a lot of fun to PvP with =)
Joined your crew last night based on the phenomenal behavior of you guildies on the isle of thunder. Killed a few and got killed by a few, there was no nonsense and it was all in good fun.

Excellent guild.
And I mean Excellent!
don't think this means you get any freebies. just a guild discount.
Bump for my Reprisal friends!
We still want people. One of us. One of us. One of us...
...you want a confused Gnome / Tauren? We represent all that is great in WoW.
I hate all of you.

But I need all of you.

It's a terrible place to be really.

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