[A] <Lux ex Tenebris> Recruiting for MoP

Good evening all,

<Lux ex Tenebris> is a small guild that raided (10-man) during early Cataclysm with friends and family. With the upcoming release of MoP, a few of us have decided to return with the intention to return to raiding with a somewhat greater emphasis on progression.

Raid Schedule: Tuesday & Wednesday, 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM Server Time

Our goal is to have a schedule friendly to working adults without sacrificing the ability to progress. For that reason, we will be committing to two evenings of 4-hour raids. However, in order to ensure that we are able to achieve our goals, we are asking that those who join our raid commit to not missing raids, to being on time and to staying focused during the raid time.

That said, we intend to have a friendly raid and guild environment. We are not striving to be a top guild and will not accept elitism or insulting demeanor towards others whether they be our guildmates or others on the server.

We are currently able to accept classes for all roles.

For additional information, or to apply, visit our site:


Bump, still in need of one tank, two healers and two ranged/caster dps.
Patch day bump~

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