I have to log in every single time to post

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I have no idea what is happening but every single time I switch pages while in my B.net account OR to post here I have to type in user name, password and authenticator, even tho the "Keep me logged in" is checked.
This was happening a month or two ago and for a few day thought it was fixed but it's not!

What am I doing wrong that I need to change? I just want to be able to go to B.net or here without having to log in each time.

As an example I'm logged in here, if I click on Account to open in a new tab I have log in there too. Last week when I changed password, I swear I had to log in 3 times just to get to one page. If I close all pages and come back later,,,have to log in. LOL heeeeelp me please
Even though I have the "Keep me logged in" box checked, I periodically have to re-log-in and it's driving me bonkers. And this is just for the forums; I'm not even going into account management or anything.

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