[H PVP] VOX is now recruiting!

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Dear Requiem and SWBRB people posting stupidity in a recruitment thread. Stop it.

Honestly GTFO. Go be bitter in a Requiem or SWBRB thread, where that expectation is already set low.
08/17/2012 08:10 PMPosted by Archanon

This must mean that half of the officers/high ranking people (not rating) mean nothing to you all?

+1 to Lydian

Edit: I feel even more special now, I mean more to you than officers in your guild!

You are speaking lies again sir and just trying to create drama. We had 0 officers leave. We had 1 captain leave and like 4 bottom rank players. Most of the guild has already moved on as It didn't really affect us at all :)

Players who contribute with a good attitude will always have a place in our guild. Players who do not will be forgotten.

I always had a good attitude and tried to help and contribute as much as I could in Requiem, as a lot of good people in the guild do everyday. I have no problem with Requiem or the people in the guild, but for me it wasn't the right fit. I do not wish to be a number or soldier with no name or face, but instead want to be a part of something more.
08/17/2012 10:36 PMPosted by Archanon
Its not Requiems fault, you can only blame yourself for staying bottom rank and nobody knowing who you are.

This makes me cringe. Anyways, bump!
When doesn't Archanon make you cringe? Even his own guildleader, NAY, ARENA TEAMMATE, thinks he's silly.

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