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I am experiencing some horrible lag issues i just cant get rid of. My latency for home stays around 42-56 but my world latency is always spiking from 1600-6800 to game crash/freeze or self destruction. I have downgraded, upgraded, removed and reinstalled drivers for my graphics card. I have repaired, deleted, tampered and reinstalled wow. i have gone to the point of such frustration to fix this as to wipe out my computer by reformating and starting from scratch.

i have talked to the internet people and gone through my settings and check out if anything was messed up at their end and they said my internet was running like speedy gonzales after a six pack of redbull. So please...for the love of god...why is wow crashing and lagging so bad? it worked 3 days ago. Ever since the mop downloader (im guessing thats what the patch was) downloading in the background i have had nothing but anger. This is going on as well for Diablo 3.
Have you tried changing the settings in the background downloader? By messing with those settings, you can:

- Throttle the download while you are playing. This will improve latency.
- Turn off P2P so it gets the file from an http connection instead. Again, can improve latency.

If neither of those have any effect, you might try shutting off the background downloader to see if your latency improves.

Latency is nearly always a function of connection quality, so things like reinstalling the game, updating graphics drivers or reinstalling your operating system won't really help. Those are things you could try if you have a low framerate, but if latency is your issue, you need to look at your connection.
thank you, but this change has still not fixed the issue. i appreciate your help though.

Which change? Did you completely disable the Background downloader?

Can you also post some network information?

Technical Support
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