Resilient Victory premade @ Aug 28, 8:00pm

I'm setting up a pre made for the Resilient Victory achievement. The requirements are simple, as is the achievement.
3.5k+ resilience (seems low, but again, very easy achievement)
Patience (we may fail a couple times - you need to have the patience level of at least a 5 year old)
Don't be dumb (Arathi Basin has an extremely simplistic concept. Resilient Victory as a result, is easy, as long as you follow directions)
Preform AV Enabler (
One less Battlemaster achievement to do, kicks and gigs, something to do before Pandas.
We all rush to BS and wait for horde to 4 cap us. Wait until they're 400 above us, then move out to 4-5 cap them. Done. IF YOU HAVE A BETTER STRATEGY PLEASE POST.

If you're interested please send me a tell in game, or post in this thread. If we do not have enough people before SUNDAY AUG 26th, I will post in the Achievement section on the forums, and get some people via RealID. Plan C is trade chat inv's.

Resilient Victory premade, 3.5k+ resil, AUG28, 8:00PM server time.
I may be available for this. I would love to get in on some organized achievement grinding...not to mention face smashing.

Unholy DK 4600 resil (might hit 5k if I can cap points this reset and get a PVP weapon)
I could probably make that time. Disc with 4k+ resil, just hit me up =D
Shameless bump
I could help and have a 4700 resil set but the 28th is Pre-Panda Patch Day. Not sure about you guys but my spec will have some major changes and I am sure all of my bindings and macros will be fubared that day. Probably my ui will be dead that day as well. Odds are server will crash eleventy times while waiting for the bg to start with such a major patch.
The premade will, not only get people an achievement, but also a good way to test out their new abilities - it's the perfect time, actually (yes, I'm telling myself that). Also, bump.
2k RBG FC here. I meet all of the requirements. and im interested.

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