Best Professions for Protection

Hello fellow Warriors!

I was just wondering what was the best professions for a protection warrior? Thanks girls/guys!
Thank you! God bless you! Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Ehhh, im a fan of JC+Enchanting

JC gives JC-only gems that are easy to get and are exceptionally good.
Enchanting well.. you get ring enchants.

Those two professions have proven time and time again to be the best gold-makers.
Assuming tanks will be stacking mastery like they did last expansion than Blacksmithing will be the best by far (2 extra mastery gems, or any other stat if tanks start stacking something else).

JC seems good as well, but JC got screwed over in dragon soul since their JC-only gems were not upgraded (that could happen in Mists as well).

Enchanting/inscription/leatherworking/alchemy give stamina (or strength) boosts.

Engineering gives you a strength proc. (Tailoring probably as well, but I haven't seen them).

So depending on how everything is mathed out (mastery vs stamina vs strength) you'll probably want Blacksmith + JC
I went with mining for the stam...and erm skinning >.>'
BS + JC is a common/sexy combo.
As Gaoldroukhan said, JC is arguably the worst profession right now. In my opinion, blacksmithing is the best, and engineering is the most useful second.

It is also of my opinion that blacksmithing mining is A-OK, because stam isn't that bad. Plus it's nice when you want to actually make something, and don't want to buy it (or can't because it's khorium and that's never on the AH ;_;).
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BS + JC is a common/sexy combo.

That's what I have, but the downside is you need to have a max level alt to farm or else get a guildie/hire someone from trade to get your ore. The Spirit of Harmony thing in MoP kind of helps with that though since you can just go mob grinding and use it to buy ore to finance BS/JC.
I went Mining + BS, mostly because I was too lazy to go for BS+JC, but from what I'm reading about MoP, it sounds like the Stamina bonus from Mining is going to scale better, so it seems I might have the right professions for tanking.
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engineering gives u them gloves that boost armor 1200 for 10 seconds or something.. and prolly and of course BS
For the average player I'd say mining + jewel crafting or (blacksmith/enchanting).

Why ?

Mining give you 50stam wich = JC or BS or Enchanting stats if you went full stam on the bonus. yes we might not go full stam on everything in MoP but you won't have to buy your material from the auction house everytimes a new Xpack is released in order to train your skills (massive gold dumping).

JC is nice because the4 JC daily give easy money while Bs and enchanting requier raid drop aptern in order to makie profit.

JC/BS/enchanting give the same stats.
Blacksmithing is something you can't really go wrong with. Like Hooves said, given the increased stat budget on gems for secondary stats, you will have much more flexibility than you would with any other profession.

Leatherworking has the highest stamina bonus out of all of the professions by a huge degree.

If you're a tank and nothing else, I would go leatherworking and blacksmithing. If you go Fury for any reason, I'm tempted to say BS/JC because of Fury gemming for crit in MoP.
Right now im at a toss up between enchant and engineering on my warrior i have jc and mining on this toon FTW :P no one has ever told me im quishy umm oh yeah warrior i was wondering if the doge ie engineering was worth the extra revenge procs or should i go enchanting for my rings

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