Player appreciation thread... :)

Just wanted to say that Faeriimerlyn might be just about the nicest person on Turalyon. No matter which toon I'm on, she is super helpful and pleasant.

Thank you for being lovely, Faeriimerlyn. I wish more people were like you!


Feel free to add your nice comments about nice people who make playing WoW fun and pleasant. I feel like there's so much venom out there, and we just never remember all the truly nice people we encounter. Aren't they why we play online games, after all? :)
My boyfriend idk if u herd of him but #1 warrior us.
*sniff* You're going to make me cry now. ;-)

Seriously though, thanks very much for your high praise!

And yes, I agree that sometimes it feels like there's nothing but toxic personalities on the Internet, but it's definitely not true.
Id like to give a shout out to Hormonex for being awesome.
I second Fae being a super nice person.
no horde qualifies fpr this honor simply by virtue of being horde....

that is all


p.s. im really nice
Fae is awesome :)
Hey there,

Faeriimerlyn is one of the nicest folks any guild could hope to have. We're proud to have her here. She can DPS, she can tank on her druid, she can heal on her paladin, and as a guild officer she's more than willing to help out with whatever situation arises.

To give an example, Fae holds the dubious distinction of being the first guild officer anywhere to bail someone out of jail so they could make raid. She also discovers things, like America, and I think she likes tacos.

We love our Faeriimerlyn!



Pain of Salvation (Recruiting!)
I would like to nominate Hating to awesome fun time guy. Why am I nominating him? Because i want his mount damn you!
I appreciate all of you.
08/18/2012 12:31 AMPosted by Starcruiser
I would like to nominate Hating to awesome fun time guy. Why am I nominating him? Because i want his mount damn you!

figures you would want to mount a guy....

you are too new to server to nominate....maybe next year


i nominate myself....nicest guy EVER
^ He is ok by me.
hey grimvengance....starcruiser is your guy...he likes to post on several cartoons....i guess so people will KNOW HIM on all his cartoons

get him

Moag's a really nice guy; the first time I met him I was looking for a player to make Elixir of Dream Vision. He managed to have it and just came across as extraordinarily kind person. Since then, he's maintained that persona.
Katey is a pretty cool chick, she always hangs out in Org to chill with the Horde.
i don't know if he still plays, but Bakemono is a really nice guy. he helped me out on my rogue when i had no clue what i was doing and was real nice about it too :)
I nominate Pizy for doing more than I'm going to say for various people without expecting anything major in return. He's a genuinely nice guy.
Pretty much everyone that I've met in <Pain of Salvation> has been pretty nice. Had a great time running DS10 with them today on my shaman!
It was a pleasure having you, Otekah! Also, I second Lukers' nomination of Bakemono. I haven't seen him around in forever, though. =-(

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