[A] Any late evening raiding guilds?

After taking basically the majority of Cataclysm off, I'm looking for a guild that will be raiding MoP in the late evening (and if they're running DS now, getting a little bit of the rust off wouldn't hurt either)! By "late" in the evening I am hoping to find someone running 2-3 days a week starting at around 8pm server time (although 7pm would be the earliest I could be available). After perusing the recent posts here, it seems everyone raids earlier than my hopeful 8pm slot.

While I'm currently posting on my warrior, I have a level 85 of every class in the game, and while I do have preferences (ie, I'd prefer to tank on this char primarily, in lieu of that I'd prefer to heal on my paladin, and in lieu of that I'd prefer to DPS on my mage), I am open to playing whatever class/role is most needed by the 'right' guild.

A little bit about myself, I've had a WoW subscription since day 1, I've been in every beta for every expansion, and have a combined /played time across my characters of over 300 days (yeesh, that sounds terrible given I missed most of this expansion). I'm a little rusty probably due to said time missing, but I have lots of raid experience prior to this.

I also like to make self deprecating jokes, have fervent discusions about inane topics, and have been known to (on occasion) type song lyrics from the 60s into chat.

Hopefully the right guild exists for me! Thanks for your time.
You should check out Game Theory. www.gtguild.net We run tues and thurs from 8:30 until 11:30 server time. We are a bunch of adults with jobs and/or families, so we try to make our raiding time fun and make it count by being prepared.
Hi Millerman,

We are a level 25 guild that is friendly and helpful. We are semi-serious raiders, not hardcore and when we raid it is aas a group, because their is no me or I in team! Our guild is made up of all ages of adults, with one or two younger teens who are the children of members. We are a mature, laid back, sociable guild and our members play for a wide variety of reasons, some like raiding, some pvp, some questing, some just go for the achievements.

Currently we have 2 raid teams, one is Friday/Saturday the other is Sunday. However with MoP release we are hoping for more teams. We have members who have expressed a desire to raid on weeknights, as well as those who would like to raid every night, LOL. Many members have their alts in the guild and so are able to raid on more than 1 team or switch toons to better help the guild raid for that night.

You can check us out at strangelyironic.freeforums.org and fill out an app if you are interested. We welcome everyone, all classes and all races (cept horde LOL).

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