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All Hail! Ye skallywags and scuttlebucks, this here is a tale. I had me a good ship, the Jaunty Maiden. She was built solid, drawing a full eighteen sails fully rigged. She could skim over the waves like a drake.

I was haulin' some furs from Northrend and a few dozen marines with full gear heading home to Stormwind. There was a few passengers, all shrouded in heavy cloaks and keepin' to theirselves. The hidden cargo was well guarded and we looked to make the trip home to cash in on the biggest haul yet. I never knew we had stowaways until we were well out to sea.

That storm came outta no where! The gales snapped the main mast and cracked the rest, until we could not keep her straight and true to the heading we needed to get home. The rain pelted down and had ice in it, soon the decks were slicker than snot. The look out in the crows nest fell to his watery grave with the last blast of the icy winds.

We had no idea how far off course we got. The clouds obscured the sun and the compass was spinning like it was possessed. Out of the darkness of the storm something loomed. It was darker than night and no stars shone from it...those who saw it later told me they saw eyes...but I never seen anything until we hit the rocks. The sailor's nightmare, the rocks beneath the waterline and unseen until you hit them. We did not stand a chance, the ship broke in half and...all on board hit the water. Maybe...some might have lived.

I have no idea if any of the cargo was salvageable. By some miracle of the Light we had hit the shoreline of a small island. The small boats were all smashed except for one. The first mate gathered the crew and did what we could to secure the ship to the rocks with the anchor. There were sharks in the water, and something else.


This is inspired by another thread. I did some slight adjusting to give it my own flavor. I am asking those who sign up to be courteous and helpful to the others. Basic format applies.


Age and gender:

Class and race:


Reason why you were on a cargo ship that may or may not have been carrying contraband:

You can be a sailor, a passenger or a marine. My character is the Captain. He has a first mate and a cook under my control. The rest of the party is up to you. I gave some ideas. Feel free to be mysterious, please make sure you keep to the lore and no out of WOW universe sillyness. Stowaways are open to interpretation, from Horde spies to Port Authority investigators. Make it interesting. And no you can't all be Stowaways, a few I will allow.

I expect good grammar, spelling and punctuation. I will let typos slide since I often make them, but if you see one in your post, please go back and correct it! Posting at least once a day will keep the thread moving at a good clip. If you do not post in awhile we will assume the sharks got you.

The opening IC will contain more detail on the island the ship wrecked on. Suffice it to say it is not nice and I do not know myself what will inhabit the place. Maybe trolls, maybe pygmies? It is a small island maybe ten miles long by five miles wide at widest point. Irregualr coastline with small bays and maybe a hidden cove or underwater cavern.
Name: Matthew Redrie

Age and gender: 34 and Male

Class and race: Paladin and Human

Description: Of a nice build, he is not too bulky and not too skinny. His eyes are brown as his hair, and he has a trimmed moustache.

Reason why you were on a cargo ship that may or may not have been carrying contraband:
He was the CO of the marines on the ship. (If that's OK)
That will be fine Redrie. I will leave the company of marines in your care. Please allow anyone who wishes to be part of that company some leeway. I am assuming the lack of military ships has forced you and your company to use this convenient merchant ship. The Captain considers himself a staunch supporter of the Alliance. I will put up a broader description of him shortly.

Welcome aboard and I hope you will enjoy stretching your creativity.
This isn't -open- if you have sign ups.

and is this possibly -sort of- copyed from Misted Legends?
08/20/2012 05:49 AMPosted by Deadmané
This isn't -open- if you have sign ups.


08/20/2012 05:49 AMPosted by Deadmané
and is this possibly -sort of- copyed from Misted Legends?

I don't think so at all. Shipwreck RPs are popular, if uncommon. I'm sure it will have a completely different storyline.
And these sign-ups are rediculusly small.

--Holds in hand 3 page resumé--. I think i'll go give this to someone else.

Edit-some of teh gramarz
There is only so much room in the title. This is standard forum rp procedure. This is an OOC thread that is open for sign ups. That means I am accepting others into the thread to sign up to post.

And no actually I am not copying Misted Legends. There are no Pandarians in Azeroth yet. I prefer to let them enter the game before I have them in a thread. I was referring to another thread about rp in game and some people commented they liked the idea for a forum thread.

I do not need a three page sign up. Simple basics to get started and if you wish to elaborate on a description or add some history its fine. I prefer to learn about someone as the thread progresses rather than have it all tossed at me at once and no mystery.

I am looking for creative and interesting posts. I would like to invite all who participate to give it some thought. This is a mystery type of thread. There may be some fighting, but it should not be overpowering and I prefer no one dies.

I could stand a few Horde to come in and either be stowaways or possibly a previous shipwreck on the same island. Think Survivor television series or even Lost. We could have fun with this if you give it a chance. Just keep it in WoW universe with the current playable races.

You can have some fights with creatures on the island, you can have tension between characters or even romance if you like, but keep it clean.
Name: Catheden Everblade

Age and gender: Male/543

Class and race: Death Knight/Kaldorei

Description: Usually wears plated armor of saronite, along with a heavy runeblade on his back. As a sailor, he wears plated boots and pants, a white swashbuckler's shirt, and a white bandit mask. His white hair shines in the sunlight. His dark purple skin is cold as ice.

Reason why you were on a cargo ship that may or may not have been carrying contraband: Loves to fight in ship battles, and loved the water, so he decided to join a crew of a cargo ship.
Name: Liba Spellsprocket

Age and Gender: 39 and Female

Class and Race: Mage and Gnome

Description: A pretty typical arcanist who carries a spell book and small dagger around for protection. She wears only the finest of robes and has black hair held in pig tails by purple rings. Currently she is dressed in a tattered and drenched (from being in the storm trying to protect the boat) purple silk robe and white flats with purple linings. every finger on her left hand has a silver ring with a pearl on it. She is often bubbly and kind but also very reckless.

Reason why she was on the ship: She was a hired mage responsible for protecting a Dalaran noble's shipment. The boxes, lost at sea, contained some highly illegal weaponry that was being transported to Stormwind's Black Market. When the storm hit she was trying to keep the ship afloat through the use of various spells and runes though obviously failed in the end. ((She has no knowledge of this, but it could come into play later if the box is found on the cost.))
Liba and Catheden, both accepted. For the record, the ship will accept any cargo and if it is contraband, Captain Nellison will deny knowledge of it to authorities, but expect a bribe to allow it to ship.

I think this will be amusing to say the least. Oh Catheden, you might want to rethink the plate, makes you sink into the sea real quick. Leather or chain if you must, a bit lighter and gives you more agility.

The ship is actually hanging up on some rocks and some of the cargo may be salvageable, if we can find it. As well as supplies and weapons, etc. That will be shown in opening the IC.
So when is this thing starting up Nellie? I'm loving the concept and everyone has great backstories and reasons for being on board. I'm hoping my spellbook can be salvaged because she would be lost without it. Thhe obvious solution having a mage in this would be to teleport everything to Stormwind, but the reagents necessary for a mass portal are going to have to be retreived from the island. Is it a possibility that the island is volcanic? I love a good deserted volcano story.
To those that said "This isn't an -open- RP" It clearly said Open RP SIGNUPS, meaning it's open to post your profiles within the thread... unless that title was recently changed, if not, then I stand by my words.

Name: Jeliana Rendall McConroy

Age and gender: 33 / Female

Class and race: Rogue ; Human [[ She's moreso a trader/merchant ICly. ]]

Description: The first thing to recognize about Jeliana is her astounding height of six feet, one inch. She towers over many of her kin, especially other women. The second would be her light waist length sandy-beige hair that contrasts with her darkly freckled tan skin and chocolate brown eyes.
Her style of clothing may indicate that she is a pirate, but her [faked] mannerism would suggest otherwise. Her hair is often kept up in a ponytail. ( Just trying to keep it simple. I wrote a book in her MRP... )

Reason why you were on a cargo ship that may or may not have been carrying contraband: Jeliana, while she aspires to have her own ship, doesn't as of yet and currently sails on the ships of others, or hitches a ride, to sell her goods to those who order cross-sea.
Name: Mordran Manabeard

Age and gender: 55 Male

Class and race: Bronzebeard Dwarf Mage

Description: Mordran is a young, slim Dwarf of average height with a thick beard and is wearing his brown leather tunic with a cloth under-shirt, brown leather pants, cloak, fingerless gloves, bracers, belt with an Ironforge symbol on his belt buckle, a brown cloak, and an old brown hat.

Reason why you were on a cargo ship that may or may not have been carrying contraband: Mordran discovered an ancient Elven shackle while poking around some ruins in Northerend that's purpose was probably to stop Mages from casting spells but the enchantments weakened so a Mage can still cast minor spells while carrying it, after putting some thought into it he decided to donate it to Ironforge's Museum instead of Dalaran so he decided to take a ship to Stormwind.
I likw what I see Mordren and Jeliana. I am starting soon. I will add some of my own characters if I must to give the thread more interest. I do hope we can have some fun here and that you will all post often. I know school is staring soon if not already. And the patch is dropping this coming Tuesday. We are all on pins and needles waiting! This will be exciting as we see new content open up.

So if you are all anxious I will work on the IC thread today and get it up by tonight. You can go by the above as part of my opening for the IC and start preparing your opening posts to the thread.

So I will post my main characters sign up and my first mate and cook. Then I will be working on the opening of the IC.
Name: Captain Jeremy Nellison

Age and gender: 45 male

Class and race: Frost Death Knight- human

Description: Standing an impressive six feet tall, Captain Nellison is a well preserved middle years human. His weapons of choice are swords, though he can handle an axe with ease. While at sea he wears mostly leather and cloth armor, he may have some plate handy if he is challenged as well as some chain armor. His brown hair and neatly trimmed chin fur and cookie duster are always well groomed. His head is usually covered by some kind of hat. He collects them and has a large number of them in his cabin aboard the ship.

Reason why you were on a cargo ship that may or may not have been carrying contraband: Well he is the Captain after all. But to elaborate, in life he was a warrior who loved the sea all his life. He has been a sailor for as long as he can remember. Getting his own ship was his greatest acheivement.

He is proud of his crew and is somewhat of a jokester. They are well aware of his off beat sense of humor and often find ways of getting him back. But all in all they are loyal to him and will follow him anywhere.
Name: Benjamin Haluman-(nickname Benny)

Age and gender: 34 male

Class and race: Warrior, human

Description: Benny stands at about 5 foot 9 inches. Stocky and strong, he can wield any weapon with ease. His favorite being an axe of some kind. His sandy blond hair indicates a possible southern origin and his drawl completes the picture.

Reason why you were on a cargo ship that may or may not have been carrying contraband: Benny is an excellent cook. He has been with the Captain Nellison since he got the ship and has been a loyal if somewhat quirky part of the crew.
Name: Raevien Duskwing

Age and gender: Mature adult female (due to recent speculation, no set ages are going to be made on any of my Night elves)

Class and race: Druid of the Talon, Kaldorei

Description: Raevien is a druid of the Talon, that is she specializes in the flight form and is also comfortable in cat and sea lion form. Her long dark blue hair is braided and neat. Her silver eyes have a pale blue cast to them. Standing at an impressive seven feet tall, she outweighs her Captain, but she defers to him as her superior. She is well proportioned and graceful in her movements. At home on sea or land.

Reason why you were on a cargo ship that may or may not have been carrying contraband: She is the First Mate and pretty much follows the Captains orders. She is a bit reclusive in mannerisms, but her quiet and easy going manner is only hiding her true calling. She is a healer and a firm hand with the crew. They listen to her out of reverence for her beauty and a healthy fear of her claws.
Lol... already have my opening post all typed up and waiting. Looking forward to this ^-^.
All right guys IC is up, I reserved a few spots. Feel free to start with leaving Northrend or just pick it up after the wreck. Still working on that part to make it good. Those of you who are starting with the wreck may have to wait until I post it. Others may post their getting on board in Northrend and the beginnig of the Journey.

Feel free to make nice long and involved posts. It makes for a more interesting read. Details and thoughts are good. If you need suggestions ask here and I will do what I can. Any questions feel free to post in here.

Also if you see someone post in the IC that is trolling please vote it down, thanks.
Have at it guys I am done with the opening posts.

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