[H] <Zenith> 10man LFM 3 nights

We are currently 7/16 and We are currently looking for a Resto Shaman and Hunter for our ten man group!

We raid Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings 7-10pm server time. We are looking into maybe raiding an extra hour on Thursday and Sunday nights but once we get a solid group together we will vote on that and it WILL need a 100% vote towards it to make it change so no one is having to leave. If you cant raid that extra hour don't worry about please still contact me and i'll get YOU a raid spot as soon as possible :)

Our loot system is the basic MS roll then OS roll for now, once we get a solid group we are gonna lay out a few loot systems down for everyone that has a raid spot to vote on and then use the one most people want.

Zenith - Zenith became a guild on daggerspine awhile back ago, and now has transferred to Kil'jeaden to build up a raid group a eventually compete with server firsts, in time though. We welcome all raiders from any sort of experience, hardcore full clear heroics to people who are willing to give raiding a shot. I believe anyone can "learn" to raid and become a great raider, Now the real question is how fast can you learn? I want to give anyone a chance that asks for it, but if you can't pull your weight and it start to show you are bringing down the group as a whole, I'm gonna try my best to help you improve first. If it still becomes a problem then I'm going to have to replace you. I would like for everyone to be great but I know that won't happen and I need to look out for the rest of the raid group to make sure we can get kills in a timely manner.

Leadership of the raid group has changed as well when it traveled over. Theonlyninja(Ninja) Is the raid leader now and is a proud new member of Zenith. I come from a guild that was clearing 25man Heroic content for awhile but have gotten full clears as a 10man heroic raid group. I have been raiding since the end a wrath and have learned many tricks very quickly when raiding. I try to know all classes because as a leader I want to know all CD's and fancy abilities my raid group has at my disposal. We work as a group to make sure everyone has flasks/pots/food for the raid nights and I will ask any new members to try and help provide any kind of mats that will help this cause.

Our PvP is lacking a lot right now, but we want to get it up and running! we will need pvp leaders and anyone who would like to a part of Zenith while doing pvp. I would like for events not to happen on raid nights but that is going to be up to the Pvp leaders themselves. Since I wont have enough time to run the raid group and a Pvp group I am going to give the Pvp leaders the power to run it how they want it. **I will step in if problems occur between any members of Zenith or if the Pvp leaders are not doing their job as a LEADER**

Please be friendly with other Zenith members, ANY KIND OF DRAMA WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL RESULT IN A GKICK REGARDLESS OF RANK, SKILL, AND AMOUNT YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THE GUILD! Also DON'T troll people in trade chat while wearing the Zenith title. I will give a warning and the next time it happens will result in a guild kick.

Anyone who just wants to join to kick back and chill with Zenith is welcome as well. Our guild is not too big right now but I want to get many different people in it so we can have more entertainment than we already have in guild chat and helping out guildies that our getting ganked, or just getting a group together to gank allies. Also doing old content and new content :)

Thank you for anyone who has read everything! If this guild looks like something you want to be a part of, contact me via in game mail or right here if you want and ill get back to you asap! This is your chance to part of something really big and help us achieve our many goals!

If you want additional information please contact me in game or on this thread! Hope to be speaking with people very soon :)
~~ Amathor, Zenith's cook here, would just like to add the following ~~
I provide a half-stack (10) of every +300 stat food to raid members PER RAID NIGHT. Meaning if you are a tank, you will get 10 +450 stam foods every raid night you show up. Caster DPS will get +300int, melee dps will get +300str/agi etc etc according to your most favorable stat.
These will be used on PROGRESSION bosses only. Otherwise we will have +250/+275 feasts to eat on bosses we don't need the extra stats on.
Your contribution to the food effort is greatly appreciated in Zenith, but not necessary. If you have extra meats, fish, or vegies you don't use, feel free to mail them to me once you're in the guild.

Also note that if you prefer a diffrent food (like say a healer wants int food instead of spirit, or a tank wants agi/str/dodge/master/etc instead of stam) please let me know and I will make sure you get the food you want most.

If you have any questions about how the food works, feel free to whisper me in-game, or in gchat after you join.
Thank you for your time. May you all kick some major booty, and get some epic looty.
And i just would like to add, that we have the 2 sexiest !@#$%es on Kil'Jaeden :)
(I really just wanted to bump this lol)
Still needing people!!! :)
If there are any tanks that wish to join, please contact me in-game and I will see about getting you into the raids. Looking for DK/Druid tank that knows their class well, progression exp is preferable but not required. Pst me and I will get you on your way.
We are looking to convert to a 25m raiding guild, which means... WE NEED YOU!! If you see any members online, please whisper them :) As Ninja has stated, we are a very laid back guild with an awesome raid leader (ninja) and a lovely gm (Zaia). ...do i get brownie points for this...
Im really interested in your guild, It sounds like a great guild, ill contact someone in game today.
Badass guild, Cant wwait for raids this week, were going to really progress more, I guarantee it mang!
iLevel 471 DK Tank here, experienced 4/6 MV. Just moved to Kil'jaeden with an RL friend who has a 469 Warlock. We are looking for a new home for end game raiding and certainly like what we see here! Hope to see you in game this evening, look for Zafux or Ahraman!
We still need a range dps pref hunter or boomkin and shammy healer.

We have fun three times a week killing monsters!
amazing guild bump
Healer found. Still need hunter or boomkin
Still Looking for a hunter or Boomkin, Great guild!!
Grrrr. The healer we picked up did a no show/no communication his first night. Missed our Elegon/Emperor one shots :(

Probably still need healer. Also still need range dps preferably hunter or boomkin.

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