Where is the zepplin in Orgrimmar?

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title says it all, i looked it up on google and i searched for like an hour i still can't find it. can nice person please tell me :)?
Where do you want to go? The zeppelin to Tirisfal Glades / Strangletorn Valley / Northrend is outside Orgrimmar, near a tower.
The zeppelin to ThunderBluff is inside Orgrimmar, in the upper deck, near the wyverns. You will see when someone yells "THE ZEPPELIN TO THUNDERBLUFF IS HERE" or something like that. Sorry, I don't go to Orgrimmar in ages and maybe I'm wrong.
There are two towers in Orgrimmar that dock zeppelins. Both are on the upper level near the griffins.

It appears that the ones outside have been moved inside.
eastern kingdoms
The Zeppelin tower nearest the flight master has the zeppelin you are looking for. Walk north of the flight master and head up the tower. On the west side of the top of the tower you can go to the undercity which is in the northern part of the eastern kingdoms or you can go to the opposite side of the tower and that zep will take you to Stranglethron Vale on the Southern part of the eastern kingdoms

Edit: for to be clear!
And if you accidentally board the wrong zeppelin and go to Stranglethorn, the other zeppelin that docks there will also take you up to UC.

Also, there are a few elevators that'll take you up to the towers, one is right by the gate between the Valley of Strength (the front part of Org) and the Drag (where the Cooking daily is), it'll bring you up to just south of the FP and the tower to the EK. When they first changed Org around, I had a heckuva time finding the towers myself.
eastern kingdoms
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eastern kingdoms

Eastern kingdoms is an entire continent of Azeroth. You have to be more specific. There are Zeppelins that take you to undercity as well as stranglethorn vale, which are both in eastern kingdoms.

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