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Seems like the gear drops in dungeons, and even my "goody bag" at the end doesn't seem to realize I'm a Resto Druid. I don't see how they can miss that, since I sign up as a healer every time. I keep getting things that just aren't for me. I'm forever getting leather pieces with Agility or Strength, but it seems like nothing drops with Stamina, Spirit and Intellect.

Is there a way to trade in this stuff so I can get something that's suited for me? I'm tired of getting one-shotted on BGs. I would like to be able to be of some use, although with our lack of fast heals, we're kind of not-so-useful on BGs.
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the bag only recognizes that you are a druid, and therefore gives you leather with both agility and int, as well as rings, necks, and cloaks with agi or int. they do not factor spec in to what the bags give

Sadly this my friend. Although, as I see that you have some cloth gear it should help you fill in those gaps. If you don't already know, at level 40 you get a passive ability to raise your int, agil, or stam based on your current spec if and only if you have leather in every slot (excluding necks, backs, weps, relics, and trinkets.). At that point, since Blizzard knows that you'll need leather more, the game does provide more of it. My best advice is to not worry to much about it, and keep leveling.
Thank you for the responses. Maybe my problem is worthy of making a suggestion.
Happens on all my chars.

When healing on my Pally TONS of cloth drops
When healing on my Priest TONS of mail drops
When Healing on my Druid TONS of plate drops
When healing on my Shaman, TONS of leather drops....

If a weapon drops, it's either a STR/AGI weapon or a weapon with spellpower I cant use (Sword on my druid for example)

Heck even my raid geared Healing Shaman is sitting pretty in most valor gear EXCEPT I'm was STILL wearing a Ilvl 325 headpiece cause I couldnt get one to drop to save my life
Well, whoever it was that said that the leather pieces with intellect and spirit drops would happen at 40th level, they were right. I've gotten some respectable pieces from doing the dungeon crawl. (My hat is a green, but I like the graphic, especially when I turn human; looks so goofy. I think I keep it to mog my next pieces with.)

Seems like as soon as I dinged forty, and got dungeons that were higher level, I got leather healing pieces.

I still think the rewards should be geared toward spec prior to level forty, and I made the suggestion at General Discussion.

I have to say, some of the responses were good and reasonable; others were...eh...

Things like suggestions that I shouldn't worry about gear or be doing PvP until level cap. I personally think that's ridiculous. How is Blizzard going to attract new players if they thought like that?

Needless to say, I don't agree. I'm not waiting until level cap to start PvP or think that I shouldn't enjoy the game or get decent drops until level cap. But whatever. I play the game to have fun, not to play it until eighty-fifth level and then (maybe) start enjoying it.

The journey should be fun, too. Otherwise, why play it?
The thing with a lot of the gear at lower levels is that a lot of it hasn't been updated to current standards. Outland (lvl58-70) has a lot of plate gear with +agility on it because agility used to give avoidance. Blizzard is aware that the gear in lower levels isn't very well itemized and to be honest they don't really care since most people spend a week of game play in a piece tops until they reach current content. So those who were saying not to worry about your gear drops just yet are giving you sound advice.
I also like when I'm on a plate wearer and i get plate from my satchels before I get the skill to wear them...
I think low level druids are expected to wear cloth. Thats why you can roll need on cloth at low level, but cannot at max level.

Tons and tons of cloth caster items from 15-50.
I think low level druids are expected to wear cloth. Thats why you can roll need on cloth at low level, but cannot at max level.

You can roll need on anything you want - plate included.

Part of the reason you can roll on anything (including cloth) is that the armor bonus doesn't apply till you get Leather Specialization at either 40 or 50. (I think it's 50, but I could be wrong.)

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