Rate the Transmog above you!!! (Cont.)

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love that outfit.
7/10 because of the Horns

Horns are Best!
8/10 =P one of my top 3 favorite tiers
8/10 like everything but the gloves.
6/10 not a fan of the robes you have on but like the upper body
6/10...kind of sick of that helm
8/10..get a belt and your set
7/10 for looking like an imp in a russian nesting doll costume... simple yet... errrm... very green...

Missing a belt xmog, so downgraded to a 7/10.
8/10 pretty badass locks always look good in blood red :)
6/10 The belt ruins your outfit, even though I do have a soft spot for that tier of armor.

Review this one for me, assume Glyph of Verdant Sphere:
2/10 you are level 41
5/10 such an overused set.
6/10 for creativity though it looks like an average low level set.
9/10 because I have a priest and it amuses me.
8/10 For creativity, a little too naked for my tastes XD
6/10 just for being an undead...most sets look garbage on them :(.

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