I was told today that Malynn passed away recently. Is there anyone who know's details? Unfortunately there aren't many I remember that still play from my time on Hyjal. If it's true she passed away then Hyjal has truly lost a great person. May her soul rest in peace.

Thank you for taking your time to fill me in. I hope you all have a great day.
News came to me of this yesterday.

I'm rather shocked by it honestly. Without her encouragement I wouldn't be where I am now in life.

I owe her a debt much greater than the crappy mage advice I gave her.

I'd appreciate any further information that can be shared. (

She will be missed.
Malynn was one the great people of Hyjal. She worked hard to make a lot of people happier and should be celebrated for it.
Rest in peace Malynn, many days over in MI she made me smile when the going got tough. /salute
Hi folks.

I am sorry to have to confirm that Malynn passed away from an aggressive cancer a few weeks ago. It came on quickly and from initial diagnosis to the end was a mere 5 weeks. Despite the severity of her illness she remained upbeat and as you would expect was at least as concerned for all the friends she would leave behind as for herself.

I will miss her greatly as she was a good friend, no more will we be able to hassle her about her legendarily bad sense of direction or ability to be distracted by one of her many many friends logging in.
Very sad to hear this news. Although I did not know her well, on the occasions when I did have interactions with her, they were nothing but polite, informative, and cheerful. People like her make this game worth it! May she rest in peace
I am sorry for your loss. She sounded like an awesome, spirited person. :)
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I am sorry for your loss. She sounded like an awesome, spirited person. :)

I too am sorry for your loss. I assume she was alliance?
Condolences to her friends and family. Cancer sucks, I am so sorry to hear about this - sounds like she should be celebrated for the person she was in and out of game <thumbs up>
RIP fallen Warrior, I will light a virtual candle for her on my survivor FB page
I've only recently found out about this news, and I have to say that Malynn was a great person. I was fortunate to be able to be raid with her and see her great personality online.

Also Elix wanted to post on this thread to commemorate Malynn but couldn't since his account isn't active.

"I am deeply saddened by these news, it came to me as a shock. I can honestly say I loved Malynn, she was always so cheerful and as much of a #### I was she always put me in a bright mood. I remember when she invited me to her ventrilo and I got to meet her friends, we all got together so I could give them some pointers in Arena. I remember she was just so happy and eventhough I couldn't see her I could tell she was so happy and lit up. I've said a little prayer for you Malynn and I'm confident that where ever you are you are sorrounded by people who love you and you will truly be missed."
Sad, I knew her when I was still on Hyjal but never thought this could happen to such good people. RIP and my heart goes out to those affected by it.
R.I.P dear friend

One of the few that made WoW a great place in our hearts

You will be missed

Ur Friends
Luzbella and Moonstaria
Omg... I used to be in Mystery Inc a super long time ago and i remember her, She was always so nice. :(

You will be missed
R.I.P Malynn u were a excellent recruiter officer in Mystery Inc. along with Hammertoe and sentia, ill miss Malynn and i hope she will live in peace on the after life.

- Stormreapèr
Maly knew me as Vanah while I was still Alliance.
I joined Mystery Inc near the end of Wrath, and I can honestly say that she, above anyone else, made me and my friends that came with me feel so welcome within the guild.

She was such a beautiful, honest and happy person. I'm so upset to hear this, I'm at a loss for words..

Rest in peace Malynn

Vanah and Ravage
I saw this query weeks back and was saddened by the news and am now circling back and seeing that this is confirmed. Malynn and I were among the founding members of <Benevolent> back in 2005 and she was one of the first players I was introduced to in my MMO-experience, she has impacted so many in over 7 years. I'll never forget the energy and passion that Malynn had for friends and adventure and she was a positive influence on me and many of us that have been around since the earliest days of Hyjal. I looked forward to gaming with her daily and kept in touch as she found other homes and lives to enrich on Hyjal over the years. We love you Maly!
Im new to hyjal, and read this thread. Malynn will be missed by many including me. She seems like a good women, and a tremendous mage.
I never got the chance to really play WoW with Malynn, but I did know her through Ultima Online. I even got to meet her back in 2004 when we flew a bunch of community members in for a community day event.

Both her and her husband were the nicest people you could ever imagine meeting. I remember the night we took everyone into San Francisco on a big bus for dinner, when we came out of the restaurant, her and her husband were laughing because at first they thought the fog was smoke from a fire in one of the nearby skyscrapers. Anytime I'm in the city and see fog covering up the tops of the tall buildings, I think of that moment.

Whenever I'd log on to my old alliance character on Hyjal, if she was online, she'd immediately send me an excited whisper, and we'd chat for a bit, and she'd invite me to come play on the Alliance side with her guild.

I never did, and today I learned through a friend that she sent out an email in June saying that she just discovered she had cancer and was going to be having surgery soon, and would be offline for awhile.

It's shocking how fast this all happened.

Goodbye, Lady Malynn. I'll always remember you for your friendliness, your kindness and your smile.

- Wilki
My brother, my nephews, our friends, and I have known Rose (Malynn) going back to Ultima Online. It was my pleasure to be a guild member with her in Benevolent, Vox Noctis, and Mystery, Inc. I enjoyed raiding with her and chatting with her on vent. She was always upbeat even when fighting the cancer. She will be missed by all of us. Rest in Peace.

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