WTS character name "Monk" 200k

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1 Swift Spectral Tiger, 3 Spectral Tigers, 2 Epic x-51 Rockets, 1 rare x-51 rocket, Wooly White Rhino, and 2 Magic Roosters sold, now selling:

Character name "Monk". 225k or offer.
Is the name more than the rocket?
Yes, have been offered 250k already. Currently 300k buyout.
But the golds!

Also, you look hideous.
I only know WoW for sure. I haven't got a facebook.
Diggin' the new duds Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current high offer on name is 250k, still looking for buyer for mount.
selling my name
Still WTS.
Sold the mount.
Selling name for 250k buyout.
Dragomir, I'll take that name as restitution from the damage you inflicted on my ego after that Dalaran duel.....
It's not your fault, you were holy.

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