Flacara > Horde > FRI/SAT > 11pm-2am CST

Flacara (8/8h) is looking for raiders for the upcoming expansion MOP. We will be raiding FRI/SAT 11pm-2am CST. We are made up of college students/working adults that want to balance raiding with school/work as well as family time. We will be running multiple 10m raid groups at our current raid times/days. We will be running one 10m raid team.

RAIDERS: All raiders will have free guild repairs, flasks, food, pots, gems, enchants, glyphs, ect as long as you are raiding with the guild / received that piece of loot from a guild raid. All we ask is that people help out with mats in the Gbank, or if you hate to farm throw in some gold time to time to help buy mats.

LOOT: Loot will be distributed based on /rnd with the highest roll winning the loot. Everyone comes to kill bosses and collect loot. We don't want to waste time on loot councils or DKP systems, just simple and to the point loot. We trust people will be decent and pass on loot or exchange loot in the raid if they have already received many pieces that raid. It is an easy loot system where we don't have to micromanage loot and can focus instead on killing bosses and progressing through the current raid tier. We have a zero loot drama policy and you will be gkicked if you make a huge scene over a piece of loot.

LEGENDARY: Legendary item priority will be given to guild veteran raiders. We want to reward those we have stayed with the guild the longest, but they must meet strict attendance/performance criteria. We aren't going to give a legendary item to someone new that may end up leaving over a piece of loot they lost or other issues, nor will we give out a legendary item to a veteran raider who's attendance/raid performance is lacking.

PATTERNS: Patterns will be given to officers that have the max level profession first. This is to ensure that the patterns stay in the guild and can be crafted for raiders when needed. If an officer already has the pattern it may be sold for half price to anyone in guild to use or sold on the AH for money to support raiders repairs/consumables.

CRAFTING MATS: All crafting mats that drop in raid will be put in the Gbank for use by raiders to craft items that they want to equip. There will be no fee for raiders to use these in crafting items to equip on their character. Raiders will be responsible to provide the rest of the mats to craft the item they want.

If you are interested in joining message anyone in guild or personally add me to RealID if you have any questions as I don't check the forums often. RealID > vajgr8151@uwc.edu

We are currently looking for 1 Resto Shaman or 1 Resto Druid, 1 Elemental Shaman or 1 Boomkin Druid, and 1 Ret Paladin. All casuals welcome
still looking for more!
still looking for more adults to raid with :)
still looking
what he said ^ :P
Come get settled in for MOP
08/21/2012 10:15 AMPosted by Balkani
Come get settled in for MOP

With you ? NU UH!!!
For sure with me! I'm sexy and you know it!
08/22/2012 10:53 AMPosted by Balkani
For sure with me! I'm sexy and you know it!


How are u guys looking tank wise???
I will be tanking, but i have every class at 85 that can tank so I just need 1 more tank that is willing to swap dps at times with me.
08/22/2012 10:09 PMPosted by Balkani
I will be tanking, but i have every class at 85 that can tank so I just need 1 more tank that is willing to swap dps at times with me.

How about i tank so you can switch dps w/e you want to? :D
Get your !@# over here then =) still looking for amazing plays to fill our roster
Still looking for exceptional players to fill our raid slots! Multiple raid teams will be available.
Updated rules, guild is straight forward and to the point! Come kill !@#$ and get some loot.
Still looking for a Lock, Ele Sham, Ret Pal
Bump bump!!
Post updated. We are still looking to fill a few select spots.

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