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08/22/2012 11:10 AMPosted by Sals
Exactly, well lore and the aspect of the community. If the majority of Horde players are horrified with what the Horde does, then that shifts the whole idea.

We can make a peace treaty called the Red-Blue concordant, except it will forever banish the worship of the Light, making a lot of people mad and starting a revolution that separates each side internally.
HAH! Though future connections between the Alliance and Horde could make for very interesting rp, especially if it unites the whole of the WrA community, not just the Horde. Battletags may make this easier.
Alrighty, just be sure to seek me out ICly, and I'll try to remember to do the same. It's not entirely important (We can say you've been invited by someone else at worst) but it makes for some fun.
I suppose I could try, though the horde side of this guild is not so active at the moment.
Well, Kupsy, maybe this will help you guys with the Horde side of your guild.
My girl here is interested a bit in politics (she is an Ambassador), but alas I am currently guildless (just transferred to WrA) and spending more time blue side so I haven't really poked at horde-side RP and raiding much. Can there be observers?
Hmm, well I wasn't going to let observers in yet, only because it's a large council. However, I think it would do well for the rp community to allow for observation. I need to relocate then, as the original place seems too small now.

Sure, observers will be allowed within an audience area, but must remain silent as proceedings go on. We will request anyone who doesn't respect to leave, and at worst, merely continue the council via raid chat. It sucks, but it's the best defense against trolling.

So, come along Folami, and anyone else interested.
Sounds like fun. ^^
Sal just letting you know, i won't be able to make it tonight cause i have work. Fill me in on what happens though please. I might send a long an observer.
Great job to Sals and his crew - I'm very sorry I had to leave early, RL sucks. I just wanted to drop a note giving the event five Tauren Moos. Saffa would've stayed till the end but I, simply, can't.

Again, sorry, thanks for having me.
That was last night...that figures. I had a guild event with the ally side. =( Maybe next time...if there is a next time.
Yes! Sign up the Dawnguard for this one!
For those interested in how it looked~
Im afraid I must inform you that after learning about what happens at Theramore, peace contracts between the Alliance and Horde will not happen for a very long time.
Sorry none of the Crimson Circle Representatives could attend, but the scheduling has been landing on the dates of prior commitments.

That said, there's a big stance that we express no desire for any cooperation or peace agreements with the Alliance of 'any' measure. Individuals may participate, but they do/will not reflect the Circle's interests.

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