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I am Kamik, and i approve this message.
Time to stick this back up there. In light of the Theramore bombing, I think we'll need to set up a meeting, real soon....
Please add me to calander invite if you could. Collage may have me busy, but I will see what I can do. Also, if anyone would like to join the Undercity Census and become an 'intern' for myself and the Forsaken people (IE, stand at my side or fill in for me if I can't go) then I would be greatly appreciative.
Sure Catteline, I'll add you. Was going to anyways.
A reminder, our next meeting is this saturday.
bumps in preparation for this Saturday. We have much to discuss, it seems.

Also, the location for the meeting will change from the normal spot in Bilgewater, as it may be somewhat chaotic there. We will see, more info shortly.
/Official Korkron Bump
Kiethoo, I can invite you on the calendar, I keep meaning to whisper you, and then something comes up that distracts me. I'll try to contact you today.
bump for the council, great session last time. I'm aware it was tame, but at least people are getting into the swing of things. Now I'll try to make another meeting in a few weeks, centred on a specific storyline. Perhaps we GM's can collaborate together on a large, scaling arc. We will see.
Shame i wasn't able to show :(
ah shoot i forgot, i've been leveling my monk.
Oh it's alright, it was just to inform of some guilds upcoming events, for the month. I'm hoping to make the next meeting more story driven, and will be approaching a few guild leaders about it. It'll likely be before the end of October, but I think it'll be fun for all.
For those who are not in yet but like to be, we'll be doing another meeting end of the month, during Hallow's End. I'll be discussing with the others about storyline rp, just been busy last few days.
Just so you know, Sal, the Forsaken unity meeting and masqurade ball are on the 20th and 21st, sometime after 7 server time. Also, all Forsaken are welcome to attend the ball, and each of them can bring one mortal as their guest/chaparone.

((People attending with a a level one forsaken alt will more then likely be turned away, as that would be a gross insult to the people who action and seriously RP forsaken.))

Sorry for mispellings... haven't slept in the past 20-something hours...
I request entrance into this finely organized event, and believe that it may benefit from my presence.

-Elliot "Motionless" Augustine
All forsaken are walk in welcome. And each one is welcome to bring one guest, be they also undead or not... But if your bringing a guest, don't be a level 2 alt... PLEASE!

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