[H-Thrall] The Chosen is recruiting

<The Chosen> is looking for 1 healer (shaman, monk, druid preferred) and 1 ranged dps (mage preferred) to join our team. Preferences are listed but not limited to. Raid days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30-11pm server time. We are seeking age 18+ only members for a drama minimized environment. Teamspeak is required for raids. We are currently 6/6 in MV 10 and 2/6 in HoF.

We are also recruiting casual, adult members to join our guild.

Visit thechosenguild.net to check us out or contact Maurra, Helgrave, Bigmosbie or Ghostfazkila in game for more info or an invite. Or you can btag Maurra at Turtle#1235.
^ This. 1000x This.
Gradius! It's me, Xt from the Rift days! =)

<3 The Chosen

All are welcome but we're rather full on raid ready priests.
Well all are welcome but we do have a few priests. Hope to see more people for MoP.


2 non-pally tanks
2 non priest healers
dps: primarily hunters, warlocks, ret paladins, ele shaman but all are welcome!
Ermahgerd! Rerkrertin fer Mersts er Pernderuh!
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ZOMG! maurra how you been?
ZOMG! Doin great! Gonna be moppin it!
Here we go again. More WoW.
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Nearly two years ago, a community of adult raiders got together to form The Chosen Gaming Community. We have recently returned to WoW and established our World of Warcraft chapter on the Horde side of Thrall server and are looking for mature gamers to join our team.

Raiding days are planned for Wed, Thurs, Mon 8:30pm-11pm server/eastern time

Now that MoP is here, we are recruiting all classes. Our intention is to grow and raid all the content we can. We intend on regular, 10m raiding with a patient tone and no drama. If you are looking for a guild to level with, run dungeons, raid 90 content, or just laugh with in teamspeak, check us out. If you're age 18+ and interested in helping to build our raid teams, contact one of us in game or through our community website at thechosenguild.net.

In Game: Contact Korrix or Maurra
Through Website: Contact Xirrok or Turtle
The original post has been updated. Thanks for reading.
The original post has been updated. We want YOU!
The original post has been updated with latest needs, boss downage and raid days.

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