LF Late Night raid guild

Area 52
And by late night I mean a midnight to 1am start server time. Are there any guilds on this server that raid that late?

I am very experienced with hardcore progression raiding in TBC and Wrath but was a little more casual the last 2 years, looking to get back into it.

Can play on this toon, or my mage, Threesheepio:

I'm mature, calm, not a loot-!@#$% and I am self-sufficient for raiding mats. I also research the fights beforehand rather than waiting for RL explanations.

Contact me in-game or on here so we can discuss whether we would be a good fit for each other.

Bumping for viewability, and to also I would like to add the following:

I have been playing WoW since 2 months into Vanilla and even raided the first wing of the original Naxx. I was one of the first Horde tankadins to MT Black Temple, second on Illidan server behind Blood Legion's paladin. If anyone remembers attunements, shadow and frost resistance gear blocks and more then you will know I handle progression well especially since progression nowadays is so incredibly fast compared to the weeks of farming that sometimes had to be done in previous expacs.

I have been a guild leader, a raid leader, an officer, a main tank (85% of the time) and I've also just been Joe Schmo in the guild, pulling his own weight but otherwise just part of the crew. I am comfortable in all these positions, or just dps'ing on my mage (my original character) and happy to be raiding with a good group.

I could possibly do an 11pm server start time depending on the raid days as that ends up being 8pm my time, west coast. If you aren't looking for someone like me, or don't raid that late, if you happen to know of any Area 52 guilds that do raid late please let me know.

bump. I'm looking for the same.

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