Demonology Pets: Quick Leveling Question

Hey guys, this is my first ever Warlock and I'm curious to what pet I should be using. On guides I see it says to use your Felhunter when you get it, but when I bring it out, I'm told that I should have my Felguard out "or you're bad".

Really confused on what I should be doing at this low level guys, any veteran help out there?

If people care what pet you use, tell them to 'get a dog up ya' ;) Some Aussie terminology for you :).

Use whatever pet you feel comfortable with. If you feel that you kill faster with the felhunter, use him; if you feel you need the 4 second stun or lolstorm, use the felguard.

The VW is good for levelling if you feel you pull too much (threat-wise, not number of people), and can be useful in group quests (or difficult solo quests).
Here's what I recall from cata leveling. Note that I was mostly Demo.
Felguard: Pretty bulky and tough, use him to round up a bunch of mobs and aoe them down quickly. The aoe is nice in instances too.
Felhunter does more dps, I think, so you can probably stick with that.
Succy: Not too useful, but has uses in pvp (cc, invisible, knockback)
VW: tanky, btu Felguard might be better in a lot of cases.
imp: lolwut?

However, next patch (in a week, if you wait that long, which I suggest because lock leveling is kind of odd atm), the demons are more situational then spec bound, or at least that is what I have been told. For example, if you need a tank, the VW is actually pretty good.

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