[A] Does this guild exist? (rogue/heals LF25)

We are a couple looking for our forever-guild. We have a vision of our perfect home, and while we know perfection doesn't really happen, we're hoping to find something close.


- 25-man raiding
- PvE server (willing to transfer)
- Alliance

Wish list, in no particular order:

- 2 night schedule, will consider 3
- Weeknights 6-11PM MST window preferred
- Group is competent enough to clear normals before nerfs start hitting
- Group is dedicated enough that cancellations due to lack of people are rare
- Group is dedicated enough to go for full heroic clears and achievements
- Group is dedicated enough that the latest game du jour doesn't demolish the guild
- Attitude is semi hardcore. We don't aspire to server firsts, but problems with the basics, such as player preparedness, starting at the actual start time, chain afks, etc, should be rare to nonexistent
- The group sees raiding as a fun challenge and works together to solve wipes. Parses are analyzed without egos or finger-pointing, any criticism is constructive and non-emotional, and yelling/anger in and out of raids is the exception rather than the rule
- The guild is not a ghost town when it's not raid time. People use gchat and forums to talk and build friendships.
- Members are more interested in helping educate inexperienced players than mocking them or bragging about how elite they are. Vote kicking puggers should only happen if the person is keeping the group from completing the instance, or is being highly offensive.
- Hate speech should be rare to nonexistent. This includes racial or sexual preference slurs, as well as that "R" word that women hate (Blizz forums changed it to #$%^ so I guess they hate it too!) Neither of us will implode if we hear a word we don't like, we just don't want to spend our evenings listening to that kind of garbage. We're completely fine with crudity and swearing as long as it isn't directed at someone.


- We don't care what your loot system is. We'll work with anything as long as the end result is reasonably fair distribution.
- We're fine with running an overfull roster and needing to sit occasionally. We prefer that to the alternative of not having enough people and needing to cancel raids.

Yep, we're asking for a lot. So what do you get in return?

- A woman whose main has always been, and probably will always be, a rogue.
- A man who loves to throw the heals around, and can do so competently from either a druid, pally, or priest.
- We are not in the absolute top tier of players, but we are both very competent, both at topping the meters for our respective classes, and staying out of bad. Our raiding life has pretty much fizzled at this point, so we don't have recent parses from relevant content, but we're confident enough that you will be satisfied with our performance that we're willing to server transfer into trial positions completely at our own risk.
- We also feel it's completely fair that we each be trialled on our own merits. We are a package deal as far as joining a guild together, but it is unreasonable for us to expect a raid team to take both of us if one is deadweight. We're confident that won't be an issue, but just wanted to throw that out there as it's a common concern.
- We are extremely reliable. Neither of us has ever no-showed for a raid without getting word to someone in the guild. In the rare event that we do have to cancel at the last minute, it is only for something that is completely beyond our control.
- We both match all of the attitudes expressed in our wish list.

Tamiller/Kilrogg - rogue
Kareesan/Kilrogg - druid
Kiserna/Elune - pally
Makiri/Elune - priest

We can be reached at tamilkaree@gmail.com
Can you post a pic please? I bet you are a hot couple.
yea pics please.....am willing to be pivot man in circle jerk as long as the peens dont touch...i have a very positive attitude and wont eat the last burrito


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