Shadow Raiding: the Primer

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    If you didn't already know: I'm kind of big deal :D Jokes aside I wrote the WotLK PvE Shadow Sticky of the same title and was extremely active on several forums. Real life pulled me away from WoW during the Cataclysm expansion, but I have decided to come back for MoP. As such I want to again become a contributor to the Shadow Priest community by sharing information I've both gathered and acquired. I will do my best to respond to replies but there are also many, many other knowledgeable Shadow Priests that use these forums who would be happy to help you.

    This a guide for people wanting to play a Shadow Priest at max level in PvE content with a strong emphasis on Raiding. I will try to keep this as fact based and amateur friendly as possible. Be warned though that I intend this to be fairly comprehensive (aka long), so feel free to skim through to sections most relevant to you. I will be offering my opinion and thoughts at various points along the way but they will be labeled as such. I will also pull a lot of my information from other sources that will be properly cited. I plan on keeping this up to date.

Updated version up at HowtoPriest.com

Due to coding / formatting issues I've been having with these forums I am not able to keep a guide here that that fully meets my standards as its counterpart does. The ease of updating there along with many other factors leaves this guide mostly void at this point in time.

I am actively looking for anyone who would be able to assist with or assume the responsibility of providing a Shadow PvE guide within these forums. Methods of contact for me are as follows:

    * PM (Woaden)
    * Twitter (@WoadenH2P)
    * Battle Tag (Woaden#1629)
    * Skype (Woaden_Shadow)

Thanks and Happy Priesting,

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