<Isopaleocopria> 10m - recruiting for MoP

Isopaleocopria is recruiting for our Mists of Pandaria 10m raid team. Looking for skilled players who also are fun to play with and who are more interested in building a successful team than in being peacocks.

In particular, we are looking for

  • a resto shaman

We raid Tue/Thurs 8:15pm–11pm central time. http://ipc.wowstead.com/

We are a close-knit group of grown adults who have been raiding since vanilla. There has been very little turn-over in the raid team since the beginning of Cataclysm, but changes in life circumstances have forced two of our long-time raiders to retire.

While we have great fun on raids, we know how to focus and progress. We keep the tone on mumble positive and constructive as we work through difficult encounters. Raid team members range in age from early 20s through early 40s, and include professionals and those with families.

We are intent on maintaining a fun but respectful tone in guild chat and greatly value the community we have. The immaturity and trash-talking that characterize trade chat and LFR raid chat is notably absent from guild chat, and we intend to keep it that way.

Also, we are happy to welcome new social members who are looking for a mature alternative to the all-too-common boorish behavior of the WoW community. Because we value our community, we ask that all interested players complete an application, regardless of whether applying for a raid team position or a social membership. If interested, make sure you check out our Raid Rules (http://ipc.wowstead.com/raid-rules) and Code of Conduct (http://ipc.wowstead.com/code-of-conduct) before applying.
Updated to include current recruiting needs.
Updated with current class/spec needs

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