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Long story, shorter version...

I have been playing WoW since day one, initially started with my warrior when our class was the only viable tank so I tanked and lead a 40man guild through MC, BWL and AQ40.
Naxx40 was a challenge after over a year and a half running a 40man guild (before even guild banks existed) I joined another guild Rage also 40man where we held over a dozen realm firsts and were recognized as top100 world in progression. At the time I had retired my tanking and was a dual wielding 1hand fury warrior of level60, if you go back that far you will remember the +weapon skills? overpowered I ranked wwwstats back then highest dps records on patchwerk.
BC started and the guild went through similar success crushing content leading the realm except having said goodbye to 15 guild-mates gone from 40man to 25man content.

Wrath came out and thought i could do it a bit different, started my own 25man guild again.
Recruited from scratch based on past experience and supporting guild mates who wanted to share the challenge. Went on to complete Sarth 3drakes early february and then do it again with 10man. I did not like the fact 10man and 25man shared separate loot and achievements, this hurt but we pulled through.

Cata came, we dragged our feet lost some of that passion, Skullcrusher (previous realm) fell through the cracks and it was no longer a competing realm.

6 months ago some guild mates and I picked a new server, we moved over to Turalyon with rebuilding in mind, that was back in October. The rebuild never really took place we noticed a lot of the players and guilds we're well established.
So we deactivated our wow accounts, i just renewed 2 weeks ago after a hiatus since November and after having read some MOP news, what the hell lets go round 4.

Now MOP is near, I wanna raid as do some of my guild i'm a part of some justice.
Now that means either a guild that recruits me or players who are interested in helping rebuild my own guild.

My achievements are not exactly current or up to date, my gear yes outdated
have a look at overall achievements and my guilds achievements you will see there's been dedication.

Here's what I offer:
Can play any class any spec i bring the skill to the game.
I gear up accordingly to usefulness, if i'm hybrid i best heal or tank, if i'm DPS i'm theorycrafting, reading elitistjerks, wol, using customized addons, etc..

Moderate to flexible raiding hours, i like to go to bed by 11pm, i do raid weekends at times i'm getting older now not as many shots at the bar.

Here's what I am looking for:

A guild that will bring me in get me up to speed, i learn quickly and i help others.
Or a group of individuals that are helping rebuild my guild.
Ness, hit me up in-game! We have a lot of catching up to do.
has anybody ever told you how awesome you are?


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