39 twinks new and old read here!

Shattered Hand


Anyone looking to make a 39 twink feel free to get in touch with me. Im normally on Sun or Deadsun. Feel free to check the pvp batttleground forums for the 39 thread thats posted there, our que times are Weds at 9pm est.
as things have been tested for a couple weeks it would seem that right now for twinking 39 is the best bracket, has the best balance of all the brackets and is ramping up with activity.
hey if your tired of constantly grinding new gear over and over, think about making a 39 twink!!
Man I miss that bracket. Dunno why I leveled 3 twinks out of it...
too busy camping nerds in EPL
bump, kripplin#1712 is my real id if your interested in making a 39 twink.
im still here if anyone is interesting in 39 twinking.
I wish there was more horde into this...this toon has been taking up space for years clinging to hope that would change
i just transfered my spriest to horde last nite, and there are horde into this. we have been getting games going for the past 3 weeks,

liquidsmoke, let me tell you something, those underworld bands you have on that, honestly those are the hardest thing to come by for making a caster twink. all you need to do is grab up some heirlooms and run some dungeons and your guy would be ready to rock. you can view some of the caster armories on this link http://twinking.net/the-39-conspiracy/ to get an idea of what you could upgrade.
games are still going, 10 games last weds, and 10 games on friday. queing starts between 7pm est- 8pm est
I'm just curious how are monks at the level

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