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Earthen Ring
Ascension is an 8/8 Heroic DS raiding guild looking to expand its ranks, we are very selective about our members and look for capable excellent players with personalities to match. We keep our ranks relatively small so we can cultivate a sense of family. It also affords our officers an opportunity to work directly with fellow guild mates. Each of our current members went through a screening process which we will be asking any interested players to do also. This will include filling out an application on our website and a brief interview with an officer.

At this time our ranks are full of capable raiders, what we are in need of is just a few (2 maybe 3) leaders. Many of these raiders in guild are completely capable of raiding at realm leading levels we simply don’t have enough raid leaders to take the torch. Currently officers in our guild have been leading second and third raid teams into DS each week to support these raiders. Most of these groups are comprised of a few very skilled raiders and a few newer raiders with great potential. These groups are able to go 6 of 8 heroic or better with little trouble. With the right leadership and selecting the right members these raids could push to the front of the leader boards on ER. If you have had experience leading progression minded raiders in the past or you feel you are ready to step into the role of raid leader please go to our website listed below and fill out a recruitment form. On that form under “Who do you know in Ascension?” please mention this post and your desire to lead a raid team going into MoP. Also include any experience you might have in leading.

Many of these raiders that will be making up the teams mentioned above are currently raiding on but not limited to Thursday, Friday, Monday nights 10:00 to 12:00 p.m. server. Of course the days and times the raid teams raid will be determined by the team leader. Officers of the guild will also be giving the individuals leading these groups full support to assist them.

Ascension offers:
- Stability and strong leadership
- Fair and balanced loot distribution
- Opportunity to experience the most difficult end-game raiding content
- Guild PvP, achievement runs and alt raiding
- A fun, social and active Mumble environment

What we expect from you:
* Know your class, be gemmed/enchanted/reforged properly.
* Willingness to research encounters and what advantages your class can bring.
* High level of attendance. Occasional absences are understandable but we expect you to be there 90% of the time.
* No drama starters. You will be removed swiftly.
* Mumble and a working microphone.
* Add-ons: DBM & Omen (or equivalent).

Another possibility if circumstances allow would be for an existing team in need of a few raiders to move its raid team under our guild banner. That of course would mean that the new raiders joining Ascension would be asked to demonstrate the same level of execution and educate as our guild. This would then put them in touch with players and resources that would likely improve set team.

*Additionally we are short or in need of Resto Druids and Boomkin Druids at this time. We would also like to add a few monks to our roster, if you are planning on going Monk as your man (Tank, dps or Heals) please apply through our site.

Guild site:

Join us. We have cookies and punch.
Earthen Ring raiders we are close to launching another raid team and would like some of you to join us going into MoP. If you are interested and would like to be considered please use the link below, you will find a description of the team, it's goals and it's raid times. Be sure to post your information such as what character/role you would like to play in the raid. Including your raiding experience and goals you wish to attain in MoP is also greatly appreciated.

Link to the teams thread:

Team's thread is in our forums under "Team Coordination"
Tragedy has struck. We are out of cookies. Punch levels dangerously low.
We currently have two ten man raid teams grouping up each week for Heroic Cata content. Both of these teams are laying the ground work for teams that will be raiding together in MoP. We still have a few spots that have been unclaimed and we would like to spend the final two weeks of this X-pac looking at potential team members in a raiding environment. So if you are a raider interested in pushing heroic progression in MoP and you are looking for a team post on this thread, on our site or pst me in game.
08/30/2012 02:36 AMPosted by Pandacheese
Tragedy has struck. We are out of cookies. Punch levels dangerously low.

Don't leave us hanging, man, we need an update on the punch
Tragedy has struck. We are out of cookies. Punch levels dangerously low.

Don't leave us hanging, man, we need an update on the punch

We are on it Pohlow! At this very moment we have guild members farming "Troll Sweat" which serves as the base for some great punch. The rest of the recipe is only shared with guild members sorry bud. You don't want to know what is in our Cookies! Thanks for your concern Pohlow I assure you we have things under control again.
Bump. Website revamp. My stream is now also posted on the website so if you want to peek at what our raiding environment is like check it out.

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