Reliquary of the Light: Level 16

Moon Guard
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A bump for shenanigans.
Root beer floats make excellent medicine for rams with bum legs.

The more you know!
Legal writing: Note, root beer floats are not meant for external application. Use sparringly. Side effects may cause sudden weight gain, bouts of ram glee, and the occasional naps.
Patience is a virtue Laney doesn't have. She tries really hard though!
Good morning bump.
Good night bump.
Afternoon on a Friday bump.
*flop into bed bump*
*groggy Sunday morning bump*
My Dad's birthday today bump.
More than 3 people in the guild bump! *\o/*
*nudges to the top*
A bump for apparently switching outfits with Laney. *eyes Barrancas*
Nope, my casual set has halican pants. You haven't copied me yet!
Maybe i'll bury myself so I can get dug up by sexy Order of Reliquary ladies :3
o bby. I'll dig you all night long.
Late last night:

Laney laid in bed smiling. Finally, they would have it recovered. It had taken much more than she expected. She gave her an arm a once over smiling inwardly. The missing muscle, the missing bone would ultimately pay off. The Hourglass would be recovered and she could move past this assignment. Sure... one squire was M.I.A., but another had joined their ranks and if Jarda's word was anything, this gentleman would move quickly through their ranks and Jarda's word was good.

She still needed to approach her soul sister about the next assignment. Her unique abilities would aid in finding it... but she'd tried so hard to shut that part of her life out, would she be willing to help Laney for old times sake? Laney simply didn't know and would put it off for a little bit asking her. Her last letter had indicated that she was struggling with wounds caused by fel magic of all things. She hated that her sister had forbidden her from visiting her. Still she'd hoped to bump into her every time she went to Tyr's Hand, but so far, no luck and she wouldn't seek her out without her permission.
In probate class bump.
Listening to lecture on something I already know how to do bump. /bored
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There are... things ... to discuss.

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