LF Japanese Language Guild

I had heard that there are a few Japanese language guilds on this server and was wondering if anyone could direct me to the ones that raid. I was able to find Divine Wind and Belvedere, are there any others?
Another is Vanquisher. Not sure how active they are these days but they were one of the top guilds/raids at the end of WotLK and some of Cataclysm (realm 7th for T11, 4th for T12).
Horde has GoW, Cavalier's Guilt, and Mattari. GoW may have disbanded or something -- site is down and guild leader left guild according to WoWProg.

CAVAG's site: http://cavaliersguilt2.blogspot.com/


Some others listed here: http://wowoboegak.exblog.jp/
Thank you both for your help! :)
Some members of bigbag also speak Japanese. I think there is still one of their raiders that does not speak English, because often things are translated for him. I would suggest speaking to Kattie
Other Japanese guild includes, Ha*!#!ko Soul, Ocha, Heureka, Pocket.
08/27/2012 09:45 PMPosted by Voïd
Ha*!#!ko Soul

That is Harapeko Soul (gotta love the word filter).
All of those guilds were listed on the link that Haellelujah posted @ http://wowoboegak.exblog.jp/

No need for redundancy. Just look there!
GoW didn't disband they still raid. Their website is not working though.

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