[A]Dedicated 395 Resto/Feral(Tank) LFG!


Dedicated 395 Resto/Feral(Tank) druid looking for guild. 4/8HM Experience, Completed all heroic modes in previous content; playing since vanilla. I am looking for a new home for MoP and to also raid up until that point. If you need a healer that doesn't fall asleep at the wheel or take a fancy to blue fiery stuff on the ground, I'm your person! Alternatively, if you prefer a beefy, furry meat shield - I am also your person! Feel free to message me in game or drop a note here. Verification for achievements/experience can be proven upon request. Thanks!
Our guild Catch22 (6/8 H) is still raiding atm, and we are looking for more exceptional players and alternates for our core run. We are a weekend raiding team (Sat and Sun 1-4 PM server) We plan to start a second run during mop as well. If your interested PST me in game, or visit our website to apply. catch22.shivtr.com

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