[A] Defiant Recruiting for PvP & RBG Teams

Defiant is currently seeking skilled and reliable individuals for rated battlegrounds, as well as casual PvP oriented members.

Defiant has been active since May of 2009. We were the first guild on Sargeras to reach level 25. With Defiant, you will find a drama-free, adult focused PVP experience.

We have a strong core of active players whose interests range from casual PVP to RBGs and arena, as well as dungeons and raiding. Player ages range from 18 to 60+! We also have one of the largest representations of female gamers on the server.

Defiant strives to provide its players with a friendly, active environment that is able to appeal to the broad spectrum of players that we have on our rosters. Defiant commonly has 35-50+ members online at any time, so you can almost always find somebody to play with.

Defiant currently has an RBG team that runs two nights a week; with ratings ranging from 1500 to 1800.Our current rated battleground team is structured as follows:

Night 1 - Tuesdays, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. server time (Central)
Night 2 - Sundays, 6 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. server time (Central)

Current Recruiting Status:
We are looking to add an additional RBG team for MOP. As of yet, the nights have not been determined, but will be scheduled 1-2 nights per week on the same days and times for players to plan around. To that end, we'll require: 1-2 FCs, 3-4 healers and a mix of range/melee dps and control classes.

We also have 3 open spots (1 melee, 1 ranged, 1 healer) due to holiday absences and are looking for players who'd enjoy filling open spots from time to time.

For more information, visit http://defiant-sargeras.guildlaunch.com/ or contact Katiannah or Gorgoyle in game.

In addition to RBGs, Defiant has a wide range of activities for all play styles.

•Casual PVP. A guild as large and diverse as Defiant means that there are plenty of opportunities for casual PVP. We have people running random battlegrounds at almost any given time. These are a great opportunity to hop into a group, get on vent, and start kicking some horde butt without waiting around looking for a group.

•If PVP isn’t your thing, Defiant has a full service PVE department with five unique 10 man rosters. Check our website or look for our PVE Recruiting posts for more information.

For more information or to submit an application, please visit our website at http://defiant-sargeras.guildlaunch.com!
Bump for updates.

Current recruiting status:

RBG1, Tuesday 8pm: 1 open spot
Requires a healer, preferably resto shammy or druid.

RBG1, Sunday 6pm: 2 open spots
Requires a healer, preferably resto shammy or druid.
Requires a ranged dps

RBG2, Mondays & Thursdays 8pm: open spots
At this time we are actively recruiting for our new RBG team. We're looking to have this team up and running in the early weeks of PvP season in MOP. This team will run Mondays & Thursdays 8-10:30pm.

For more information, visit http://defiant-sargeras.guildlaunch.com/ or contact Katiannah or Gorgoyle in game.

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