Wargame Tournament!

Hello everyone on Proudmoore. I Tlam will be hosting a competitive wargame tournament this Saturday at 7 pm server. August 25th

Depending on the amount of players we have I will be making a bracket.
You may pick your own partner and he/she may be from a cross server but your toon must be on server in order to que a wargame into us.
This will just be a friendly 2v2 tournament. I will be making a calendar event and inviting everyone to it. I will make a raid group and explain the brackets. If you are horde and would like to join in you must be unflagged and make sure to communicate with me somehow.

1.You must have a partner obviously and one of you must be on server.
2. Best of 3 games.
3. All wins must be screen shotted and uploaded onto imgur
4. You must post here on the toon you are participating on
5. Finally the prize to the winners will be a pet of choice from the blizzard store!

Lastly this is a friendly tournament if you have any questions, concerns or need more details contact me in game!
Frost/rogue with legendaries will take the win

calling it now
Ret/Hunter GG
Also I'll play with someone on my rogue if someone wants me on this server :c
Team The Human Centicleave

^ What this guy said
crushbreaker wins

calling it now
Winter. Let's do it.
If it's going to be healer/dps, it's going to be a long fight.
But I suck.
Am i allowed?
as long as you have a partner on server
08/19/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Jerry
Am i allowed?

Hey Jnyce, what's up?
Hello birdy! Not to much just chilling n stuff yourself?
i suck but i still wanna join ;) ret/rogue ftw


This isn't going to end well.
I'll be with Altair.
Where do we meet for this?
The meeting will be in dalaran the sewers!

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