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Level 15 guild is currently looking for all roles and specs interested in progression. We are not a hardcore raiding guild but we are dedicated to progressing in current and future content as well as gearing anyone up for the occasion. We are currently a small guild but are active for the amount of members we have.

We are almost always running heroics as well all have alts to get geared up and capped for the week also.

Raiding days are not set in stone. But times will most likely be 19:30-22:30 +/-30 mins.. We will have 2 of these 5 days to raid: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and with an earlier time on Sunday. We will have a better idea of a schedule later on.

A few of us in the guild do PvP but we will arrange for that in the future.

If you're looking for a guild to get ready for and start off Mists of Pandaria with, just get in contact with whoever is online in the guild! Many things go well with Ranch, why not try yourself with it?

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