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Moon Guard
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The Lure of Adventure

The Dominion of the Sun is seeking brave adventurers to protect the interests of Silvermoon and support the acquisition of artifacts, relics, treasures, and powerful weapons hidden across Azeroth. These prizes, sought by Silvermoon's Reliquary, are in danger of being taken by enemies of the sin'dorei.

The Dominion provides attractive incentives to members:

  • DISCOVERY - Members will travel across Azeroth and beyond in pursuit of exciting lands and mysteries shrouded in lore. Understand more about our universe than most sin'dorei will ever dream of knowing.
  • TRAINING - Instructed by seasoned war veterans, members of the Dominion will receive first-class training in combat and military discipline, transforming them into distinguished soldiers.
  • FORTUNE - Successful missions yield satisfying rewards. Members of the Dominion may come across unfathomable wealth in the form of jewels, gems, trinkets, tomes, and other treasures of antiquity.

  • If you feel this is the right lifestyle for you, please contact one of our recruiters or visit our office at Farstrider Retreat.

    The Pursuit of Power

    The Dominion of the Sun is an organization founded some time after the fall of the Lich King. It originated as a private militia, but later expanded into the field of archaeology, weapons research, and education. The Dominion is now one of the most influencial organizations in Quel'Thalas in both a military and social sense.

    The goals of the Dominion are not entirely certain. Although the organization participates in several campaigns across Azeroth, chiefly against the Alliance, many of the Dominion's objectives are still shrouded in conspiracy. Only a handful of its elite members truly understand the cryptic symbolism revolving the organization's agenda. In spite of numerous theories on the nature of the organization, nothing has been confirmed.

    In addition to an impressive battle record achieved by its robust army, the Dominion has gained the acknowledgement of Silvermoon's populace as leading advocates of social progress, culture, and refinement. This "Enlightenment" movement has manifested itself in several events hosted by the organization, such as the Silvermoon Symposium, in an effort to share knowledge and ideas with the general public.

    Though the Dominion has chosen not to share all of its secrets, it is clear that the majority of its acquisitions are made from a joint cooperation with the Reliquary of Silvermoon. The Reliquary regularly benefits from the conquests made by the Dominion across the world, receiving artifacts and shards of history that would otherwise be seized by rival factions.

    Just how much more will the Dominion of the Sun continue to grow in power? What are its motives? What is it hiding? While there may not be an answer to these questions now, surely time will tell.

    What to Expect

    Joining the Dominion of the Sun opens many doors to you as a role player. With so many opportunities to immerse yourself in engaging stories, you'll never have an excuse to be bored.

    Events are scheduled daily, and it's not uncommon to participate in multiple concurring storylines created and supported by our members. In addition, our large member base will keep you entertained all hours of the day. It's our goal to make you feel welcome in our family, especially new members.

    Are you interested in more than just role playing? Do you enjoy PVP, PVE, and other game content? You'll be in good company. A large portion of our members consistently run BGs, heroics, casual raids, and arenas. These members are always more than willing to help others through teamwork, coordination, and encouragement.

    This is our promise to you: We will make every effort to give you the best experience you can receive on a role playing server. From our newest members to our oldest veterans, the Dominion of the Sun is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence.

    Our recruitment process is detailed in a thread found on our website:


    Prepare to read our rules and policies before submitting an application. Please note that among other things, we check for a decent understanding of lore. If you you are not certain about your character's story and whether or not it makes sense, we encourage you to research online sources or ask one of our officers for help.

    Guild Structure

    Sovereign - Guild Master
    .....Eminence - Officer rank
    ..........Exemplar - Sub-officer rank
    ..........Honor Guard - PVP veteran rank
    ...............Sunherald - Third promotional rank
    ....................Dawnseeker - Second promotional rank
    .........................Firesworn - First promotional rank
    .........................Partisan - Non-combat or mercenary rank
    ..............................Oathbearer - Standard initiate rank
    ...................................Auxiliary - Uninitiated or OOC members

    The organization is broken down into three divisions based on purpose. Each division is run by an officer and supported by a team of sub officers. Divisions work separately to accomplish special missions, but also work together to carry out the Dominion's agenda.

    Ashborne Corps - Steadfast men of arms who have sworn to protect the Dominion's assets and conquer any opposition standing in the way of their goals. The Ashborne have waged several campaigns across Azeroth, laying waste to entire armies and the ruin of mighty fortresses. Even today, the name is synonymous with fear in the hearts of many Alliance defenders.

    Conclave of the Sun - Devoted communion that leads the Dominion in healing and spiritual growth and provides moral balance to the organization. The Conclave seek to abolish corruption in Azeroth and prepare a generation for a new era of optimism for the sin'dorei.

    Magisterium - Brilliant sorcerers and mystics whose sheer intellectual prowess can unlock the secrets of antiquities, yet still devastate their enemies with wrathful spells. The Magisterium of the Dominion is responsible for education, weapons research, and magical training. Some of the brightest minds in Silvermoon are among these luminaries.

    A more detailed explanation of our ranks and divisions can be found here:


    Miscellaneous Information

    Website: http://thedominion.shivtr.com
    Headquarters: Farstrider Retreat, Eversong Woods
    Guild Leader: Volanaro (Steward)
    Officers: Anashae, Colius, Syrinthia
    Sub-Officers: Ethelinda, Aloridan, Dalhaan
    Guild Level: 25
    Example Perks: Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast Reins of the Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix Hatchling Recipe: Cauldron of Battle

    (Last updated 08/19/12)
    Dominion of the Sun Gallery!

  • Campfire Story: http://i.imgur.com/kdGLC.jpg
  • Paratrooping: http://i.imgur.com/tE2Mo.jpg
  • Posing in Silvermoon: http://i.imgur.com/ebKtk.png
  • Exploring Stranglethorn: http://i.imgur.com/cl1Ne.jpg
  • Cooking Dinner: http://i.imgur.com/deIQ9.jpg
  • Standing Proud: http://i.imgur.com/fGynt.jpg
  • Trekking Darkshore: http://i.imgur.com/JcVAx.jpg
  • Promotion Ceremony: http://i.imgur.com/m77Va.jpg
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