LF X Realm RAF partner!

LF Partner to RAF up several (2-4) characters on Kel'Thuzad and another server or as horde on another server. I would also be interested in leveling up some monks once MOP is out. I would recruit you. I can pay for a month or 2 of game time and cover all our gold related issues on KT. I have a gold guide for sale as well (http://imgur.com/yO9QY) that i would give you full access to. What with MOP coming out, using the method in my guide you can make 5k+ per hour fairly easily currently. The number will go way up when pandaria is released.

I am a very active player and we could easily level these characters to 80 in less than 1 days played time, typically 1 or 2 days irl. I have BOAs on KT and if you have BOAs on a different world of warcraft license on the same battle.net account, than you can use any BOAs on both accounts.

If interested, message me in game or add me on RealID: Orangejuice68@gmail.com

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