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I know theres no real replacement for carbonite but was reading their forums on their website saying they will NOT be updating for mop. So I was looking for a replacement for the map bc the carbonite map is just unbeatable. And I can't stand the blizz UI map. As far as the quest helper I can careless about blizz has made theirs quite decent. Any ideas?!
There is currently no map addon out there matching the carbonite map. You might have to go with one of the other map replacement mods but they will not fully replace it.
There has also been no statement from either of the Carbonite developers saying they had no intention of updating Carbonite for the MoP expansion.

While there is a lot of speculation about it, and many nay-sayer's, the Carbonite developers have yet to say anything about it. If you go back to posts from right before the last expansion (Cataclysm) you will find the same type of postings.
I was in the beta for cata and carbonite had full support throughout the beta. im also in the mop beta and carbonite hasnt made an attempt to do anything for mop. their last patch was also for the bug that tells you carbonite was out of date and that came out 3 months ago. and that was for the live severs. its safe to say they have dropped the project. i hope your right and they are just taking their time, but im not gonna get my hopes up.
Mack's right - just because there is no word from the Carbonite team about it does not automatically mean they won't be updating. It just means there's nothing been said in the public sector.

It's possible they've have been working on a MoP update privately but have just not mentioned it. They could be waiting on it to go live so they can see which API changes make it to Live.

IMHO Assume it's going to break anyway. Grab an addon set loader addon (eg LoadIt , ACP) and save a set as your main UI. Come patch day create a second set of "ones that actually work in MoP" . This way you can work on making your "actually working in MoP" set eventually be the same as your main UI.

Also install bugsack/bug grabber as it has a throttle on it for when a ton of Lua errors are reporting in a given time.

I made a thread on preparing for patch day addon madness at :
Check out the Carbonite official forums ( ) ( ). You can get all of the latest Carbonite info there.

There is actually someone actively working on a "fan update" of Carbonite and apparently has it working in the MoP Beta. He's just having some trouble getting the MoP maps ironed out.
is there any other kind of addon that will give me quest list and map tracking??? ever since I did the MoP upgrade, I am lost, there is no directions to get to quests, am flying/riding blind
There is a mop version of carbonite (though I don't see how clicking on the default quest and tracking it via giant arrow on minimap or big blue area marked on the world map is blind but w/e.
Is there any other addon that just tracks nodes? I can care less about the quest tracker. I just use Carbonite when I farm and disable it when i am not farming. Its a pain logging of and on again.
So the devs just enjoy seeing us twist on the spit?

All they have to do is issue a simple statement......"We're working on it", etc etc. Why let your users (you know, those folks that are donating money to them) be in the dark?

From the carbonite forums .."One of the authors has let me know that they have been VERY busiy with there actual jobs. They have not decided if they are going to update it or allow the community to do so. He said that they will post a reply on the forums once they have made a decision.

Just my opionion here but I think that they are going to turn it over to the community. Since the last update was just extend the Out of date message."--Worlord

If they can't handle the pressure, they need to turn it over to the community.

Bg's have been miserable with no Carbonite.
Someone does have an update out for carbonite. As of right now it is only a fan update and he did it from his own server. You can get it from the forums link on the crabonit website. As for the actual devs we can only hope that they extended time since the update is because of having to add in the Panderia areas. If they do not put out something for MoP let's give Rythal support in hopefully making a version of his own. Although I shudder to think of the titanic task of trying to start from scratch for something that would be that large.
What you seek may be found here:
Works like a charm, easy to install.
Also, WoW may still see carbonite as being out of date, just enable out of date addons and it will load fine
I think everyone shold stop playing for about a month or so and maybe they would stop messing around with !@#$, My daddy always said, If it aint broke dont fix it.
Rythal's Fan update has been removed and the carbonite addon authors have put up an actual addon even though it doesn't work. They just put a bandaid on a bleeding wound for now. I have already put Rythal's Update back on a couple of the systems in the house for the people that use the addon. Here's an updated link to the last update from Rythal. He does have intention of making his own eventually. Here's hoping he doesn't take too long and it comes out in a swift manner.

If you keep up with the carbonite forums, you'll notice there is a huge feud going on between the community and the authors themselves. So since the author referred to the addon as an "old horse". I can see it dying probably here in the near future.
That's fine. Rythal stepped in and helped the community while the carbonite authors were asleep on the job. I've decided to uninstall Carbonite and go with another program for the simple fact the original developers were rude and only care about making money.
There's a forum topic right now with talk about Rythal naming his addon and what people would want included in it and the such.

Here's a provided link if you would like to keep up with it on your own. I for one would love to see it come to light. I like Carbonite but with the recent events, the authors just remind me of dirty politicians.
There is now a new Carbonite Addon that works for 5.0 Download directly from Sept. 12
09/11/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Mserica
That's fine. Rythal stepped in and helped the community while the carbonite authors were asleep on the job. I've decided to uninstall Carbonite and go with another program for the simple fact the original developers were rude and only care about making money.

Yeah, he is a rare kind of person. He did so much for Carbonite fans that when the original authors finally put out a "Update" (that was regrettably broken) and didn't even get a "Thank you."

I have decided that when he comes out with his Addon, I'll ditch Carbonite completely and use his.

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