8/8 heroic Hpally/ret looking for 10 man

LF Horde 10 man raiding guild for Mop because of friends on horde thrall that i miss and want to be able to do stuff with<3 im 13/13 7/7 8/8 heroic.

As you see im very pretty and dance well!
I will become a blood elf for yous!
I will be a great adition to your raiding group as well
5/23/12 i killed heroic madness aka 15%.
LOL Got carried by FFS and then booted for being a baddie. GL finding a guild.
nice one but not true look at all the logs with ffs i was top heals on most fights =D

even ask killsjoy i left because of other things
strap on a pair post from your main or continue being meaningless.

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