LFM <Persistence>

Like most GM's of a lvl 1 guild, I am having some difficulty recruiting new members. But this is why you should look into us...

Persistence is about working and growing as a team; from lvl 1 to 25, through MoP, and beyond.

I established this guild because I wanted to create an environment to really connect members. This is something that I hadn't experienced within a guild since about six years ago. I remember how great it was to type /g and instantly get tons of responses from people just wanting to shoot the !@#$ with each-other and help one-another out.

I have personally deposited thousands into our guild bank as well as various items I have acquired through DE, etc.

I am here to help anyone who needs it, especially those in my guild.

I want this to be something our members are proud of, something you could be proud of.

If you're interested, send me a message/letter in-game or reply to this thread.

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