Dear Blizzard... I think I speak for a LOT of the PVPers when I request that you make arena items require rating like back in WOTLK! It gives people goals and drive to become better players to get gear instead of people saying. "Lets go do some 1200 rated 2v2 and get our full PVP gear." Its a change Id like to really see in next arena season. Thanks for your time and if you agree with me people show your support!
Shiny red gear drives people to become better.
no - it doesn't drive anyone to get better, people will just get their believed cap and stop queing sooner, that is what happened in wrath.

people aren't queing because pvp is really really bad atm and an extra long season doesn't help the matter.

what they need is vanity items that cost a bunch of conquest to keep people artificially queing, even then that is temporary solution.

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