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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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”Garrosh, when exact’y are ya plannin on sendin’ a new ship? We haven’t heard back from Da Little Kraken for ov’r a mont’ now. I had many warriors on dat ship, as did you, and da otha leaders in da Horde.”
”I realize your concern, Vol’jin, but I don’t have the time to-“
”You’ll be makin’ da time for dis, ‘Warchief’. Your wars cannot be fueled by mere hatr’d, you’ll be needin’ soldiers, an’ many of our soldiers departed on dat ship.”
”Very well.” The young Warchief agreed.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“I had been planning on sending a ship within the next few days.” King Varian reassured Malfurion. The ancient druid dipped his head, and turned to leave.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alright! Laviette is back, and the old roleplayers of Misted Legends wish to continue on with what was left off a few months ago.

The new Misted Legends will take place exactly one month since the crash on Pandaria.
We will also be inviting new people to come and join us! You will be searching for the last two ships (from the first roleplay), and you'll end up finding Pandaria instead xD (as well as the survivors, eventually).

As for the people already on Pandaria, you will have the chance to meet up with the new players, and once we have everyone in (generally) the same spot, we'll move on to the dungeons and the legends! (And eventually the Legendary Weapons)

Nicknames(s): (delete this section is they do not have one)
Age: (this section can be deleted if the age is unknown, such as in cases with draenei and forsaken)
Class Spec.(s): (I would like the new specs to be used. I.E. if you are a tank feral druid, you would be a “Guardian”
Build: (fat, skinny, curvy, etc)
General Appearance: (a quick paragraph or so to summarize. You can also include tattoos and scars in this section)
The Character
Personality: (short paragraph description)
Likes: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3)
Dislikes: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3)
Strengths: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3)
Weaknesses: (minimum of 3)
Fears: (minimum of 3)
History: (this can be incredibly brief)

Spouse/Significant Other:?
Pets, Companions, and Mounts: (I don’t need a list of every pet/companion you have, just what’s coming on the trip with you)
Notable Friends/Companions: (people who influenced your character or should be noted)

**Please note that the "Extras" are not required**
**Also, characters from the old version do not need to complete this form (unless you really want to). However if a roleplayer from the old version would like to introduce a new character, a sign-up will have to be filled out. ^.^ **
**I would also like to point out that I will be now accepting Pandaren characters, if you would like to play/test out your future pandaren, you're welcome to do so here and join in on the fun!**

Link to old OOC thread:
Question: Why is the old OOC thread relevent? Well because I'm lazy and the rules are over there xD. As well as the first two legendary weapons made, with their legend and uses, blah blah blah.
Link to old IC threads:
Link to new IC thread(s):

We are currently on part IV)A Hero Can't Escape The Inevitable
III) The Calm Before the Storm
-Meet the Jinyu and Pandaren
-Little bit of exploring
-Calm and happy
-Short tavern section
IV) A Hero Can’t Escape The Inevitable
-dungeons (Temple of the Red Crane, Jade Temple, Temple of the Tiger)
-the start of the Legendaries
V) Myth or Legend?
-back to town, hear legends
VI) Consequences
-Mozu and Mantid attack.
-Heroes must rise to the occasion
-Journey to Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes
VII) Taint or Paint
-Back to town, what is going on?
VIII) When It Comes Down To It
-Back to Temple of the Red Crane
-Over come Sha? –epic final boss-
IX) What We Came Here To Do
Yin'tikerashin, Shadow's Heart: Talon of the Sha:
Soulbound to Krystala
Weapon Type: Sword- Katana
Born of the magical union between shadow and blade, this weapon is nothing more or less than the protégé and unholy child of Sha'relmor, Relic of a Thousand Shadows. Despite the destruction of the Relic, shards of it remained, allowing for the possibility of this weapon to be made. However, it retains much more power than you or I could have ever imagined.
Special Use: Allows the wielder to literately sap negative energy from opponents to be used against them. From that negative energy, sha are created based on the magnitude of the opponent's negative energy. These sha are able to be controlled by the user.
Use of Sha Minions: The minions can be used in the following fashion: a)similar to how hunter/warlock pets work, the sha and their abilities are at the command of the wielder. b)the wielder can destroy the sha on command and 'suck' their essence into the 'sword' to strengthen it further. c)the wielder can destroy the sha and 'suck' their essence into the wielder themselves. This will change the wielder's appearance greatly. The wielder will take upon themselves a dark colour and flickers of a white mist will continuously roam their body. Two massive dark horns will sprout from their head, and their eyes will glow white. Tentacles of dark energy, with spikes of white spring from their torso, below the arms. The chest cavity will be protected with white bone-like armour, and the weilder will double in size. In this form, they basically become a sha, able to heal themselves with the negative energy of those around them, and feed from it. With greater levels of negative energy, the wielder will grow, with minimal levels of negative energy, the wielder will shrink. Ultimately, they become an unstoppable creature of negative energy. This form does come with a price; the user becomes extremely intolerant to Light attacks, and will physically feel pain in the presence of positive energy.

Pínghéng Zhī jiàn, Sword of Balance
Soulbound to Dristis
Weapon Type: Two-handed sword
Coming soon!

Fàn-Bèi Lotus
Soulbound to Sarinda
Weapon Type: Staff
Coming soon!

Bǐshǒu Yǐn Ya ń, Twin Daggers of Yin Yang
Soulbound to Seth (Gotcha)
Weapon Type: Daggers
Coming soon!

Fēngshàn Iídài, Celestial Fan of the Dragon
Soulbound to Canadhiel (Dae)
Weapon Type: Fan
Coming soon!

Xíngzhuàng Ròu, Shaper of Flesh
Soulbound to Lineron
Weapon Type: Two-handed sword
Coming soon!
Reserved for more legendaries!
Reserved for more legendaries!
Reserved for more legendaries! (last one, I promise! xD)
Signing up another character:D

Name: Lori Nighttalon

Age: 1000

Date of Birth: (not sure of Azeroth's dates is it the same as RL?)


Class Spec.(s): Balance

Professions: None


Build: slim and athletic

General Appearance: Lori stands at 6'3", and has long flowing Blue hair, that reaches her back, she prefers to keep her hair down. She sports an althletic, yet slim build, but not at all unattractive, she has no tatoos or scars, not yet seeing any real combat, but she can hold her own in a fight. Her eyes are a pale golden color, that flare like fire when she is angry.

The CharacterPersonality: Lori is a lot like her teacher Sammuroth Stormfury kind and considerate of all those around her, always willing to help. Unlike her teacher though she is quick to lash out, and get angry, which causes her to scare most people off, because they don't know when she may explode. She is naieve of the ways of the world, having only recently left the sanctuary of the Moonglade. She is blunt, and to the point, which also causes her to alienate those around her.

Likes: Flowers, Animals, and her hair (she knows it reminds her teacher of his sister)

Dislikes: Anyone who threatens her teacher, the "other" that dwells inside Sammuroth, and her unwomanly appearance

Strengths: Nature spells, identifying edible flora, and quick thinking

Weaknesses: Sensitive about her appearance, untested in real combat, and carefree attitude

Fears: Losing her teacher, Being alone, and undead

History: Orphaned at an early age, when her family was massacred by the Scourge, she came to the Moonglade, when women were allowed to join the druidic order, scared and alone she was taken under the wing of Sammuroth Stormfury. Looking up to the elder Kal'dorei with much respect and admiration, for his poise in dealing with his "condition," she came to think of him as her adoptiive father. Everything she has learned about the druidic arts has been from Sammuroth, she is still considered an apprentice by the elder druids.

Spouse/Significant Other:None
Parents:Birth parents deceased, unofficial adopted daughter of Sammuroth Stormfury
Pets, Companions, and Mounts: None
Notable Friends/Companions: Sammuroth Stormfury
double post sorry:P

and Lia what should we say happened between Krystala and Sam, since we never officially finished our little thing in the last one, just thought we should figure that out before IC thread goes up:P assuming you are gonna come back to this of course:3
if you like, you could still roleplay it in the old threads ^.^ I don't mind.

Also, could you possibly delete the words in the brackets, Sam? Just all of the stuff I'd added in the application sign-up. (just makes it less cluttered)

And accepted ^.^

Edit: lol xD I was reading the physical description, and I mistook "flowing blue hair" for "flowering blue hair" and was like "Whhhhhaaaat? o.O " xD
lol well I took out all the bracketed stuff:P

and btw for the date of birth do we just use RL dates? (January, February, etc.)
I should probably just take that part out of the application, 'cause it really doesn't matter to me. (not entirely sure whaaat I was thinking when I put that in o.O). If you want to keep it in, it's fine, and you could use the months, blah blah blah.

Might sign up my Marksman, my Death Knights brother.
Do we have to sign up our old characters here or are they just transferred from the old thread here? Also what should we do about the last threat to my character that was Gotcha and Dristis coming to murder him after finding the Pandaren father's desecrated body?
Nope, it says just below the sign-ups that you do not have to sign-up your old characters.
As for the last threat of them coming to kill yew... let's just assume Leung talked them out of it, and your character was sentenced to be watched -although not all that closely- by the old pandaren ^.^ .
Ah too bad, my character was looking forward to attempting to add another Worgen's death to his list.
Name: Kuulinian Moonstrider
Nickname: "Kuul"
Age: 463 (Died)
Class: Death Knight
Class Spec.(s): Blood, Unholy (Names didn't change in MoP)
Professions: Mining, Leatherworking, Map-making (cartography)
Hometown: Dalaran, (born) Capital City (Lordaeron, raised)
Hair: White, cascades across his shoulders when his helmet is off
Eyes: Glowing blue, shining with hatred
Height: 6'3"
Gender: Male
Build: Slim but muscular
General Appearance: Undeath did not change his appearance much. His eyes are still blue, his skin color is still pale, but he sports several scars. One is on his left shoulder, from a close encounter in Northrend; another is in his abdomin, from when he was killed; the third is across his shin, a sparring accident in life. Other than the glowing eyes and scars, one might think him to be a living high elf.
The Character
Personality: He is generally very moody. Although he does not prefer either side because either houses his people, he was accepted into the Horde and thus functions for them. Chaotic Evil alignment.
Likes: Swords, fish, grass, tauren, pandaren
Dislikes: Climbing, flying, humans, people who would hurt tauren or pandaren
Strengths: Physical strength, strategies, First Aid, acting in dire situations
Weaknesses: Cannot climb, short-tempered, prone to violence
Fears: Extreme heights, spiders, Nerubians, Aqir, monkeys, Mogu
History: Wanted to become a warrior, picked on for it, joined Arthas in the Northrend expedition, undead, freed, now is planning on mapping out Pandaria for a client

Spouse/Significant Other: None that he can remember
Children: None that he can remember
Parents: Vaguely remembers his mother
Pets, Companions, and Mounts: Geoff (Gryphon, undead), Darion (Horse, undead, named after Mograine), Boomer (Core Hound Pup)
Notable Friends/Companions: His only friends are listed above

NOTE: It's perfectly fine if you don't want someone of my style, I just thought this looked like fun and since my character is a cartographer he could fit in easily.
lol, I accept (pretty much) everyone. xD
Accepted. ^.^, Kuulinian.

Out of curiosity -I'm sure it's just a spelling mistake- but under "the character" it says he was accepted into the Horse? Is that a group? Or just... xD
lol, I accept (pretty much) everyone. xD
Accepted. ^.^, Kuulinian.

Out of curiosity -I'm sure it's just a spelling mistake- but under "the character" it says he was accepted into the Horse? Is that a group? Or just... xD

Yes, he was accepted into the Horse. Lol sorry, I meant Horde. xD
Oh, okay xD I thought you meant "House" *never considered Horde o.O * lol xD

Silly me.
Anyways, my post is almost up. I've just been researching the creatures of Pandaria -since there's been more information since I last researched xD.
Interesting fun fact: Mogu are actually dog-people. They are based off of Chinese depictions of dogs, told by their features. Since dogs are not native to China, these depictions were generally inaccurate.
TIL xD. ; Today I learned.

watching those new clips gave me a few idears ^.^ . /Inspiration boost +5 !

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