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Area 52
Hi all!

Gonna get straight to the point! Looking to transfer somewhere and was considering Area-52. I need to get away from my current server and looking to find a nice guild to Raid with in MoP and more.

As far as raiding goes, I will do 10 or 25 (prefer 10 because they tend to get alittle more personal and involving in my experience but 25 is great too). I'm in for hardcore or laid back as long as there is progression and fun to be had, I'm not an elitest in the least but I also don't like having my time wasted. I work from 7am-4pm est so my best available times for raiding or generally being online are between 5pm and 11pm est.

If you'd like a look at my raiding experience you can check out my druid here or my warrior (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/llane/Tekwolf/advanced). I have lots of other 85's too but they, for the most part, have just sat after getting the heroic level (dungeon) gear of their time.

My plans for MoP are to level my druid here (Feral-cat), my Blood DK, my Prot Warrior, and a Brewmaster/Mistweaver Monk (to be my main in MoP so please be aware).
What i'm looking for in guild as far as player environment is concerned is a group of people that are fun to hang with in and out of raids, not afraid of some adult humor and know when its time to be serious and bring out your best.

That's about it I suppose, thank you for reading through this and I anxiously await any response. If you have any questions i'll be happy to answer!
Also, I should add i'm really only looking for horde, it's a little cheaper for the transfers after all :P
Sounds interesting, might have to get with you later for more details. Currently working with issues with my new graphics card (need a new psu @.@).

Still looking for any other interested/recruiting before I make a final decision if there are any others out there looking to recruit a good player that loves making alts :P My transfer may be later this week or next thursday.
Moo.... Still looking!

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