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Name: Coradormi
Nickname: Cora
Race: Dragon/ Blood elf
Gender: Female
Age: 542
Class/Spec: Mage
Profession: Tailor
Born: Caverns Of Time
Raised: Caverns of Time
Home: She currently resided in Orgrimmar with Zeus
Physical Description: Cora looks much like the average blood elf, with pinkish skin, long ears, and long golden hair.
Height: 6'0", 7'1" as a drake
Weight: 118, Approximatley 650 as a drake
Eye Color: Green
Personality: Cora is very kind and loving. She goes out of her way to help people in need.
Alignment: Neautral Good.
Strengths: Fire, Frost, and Arcane
Weaknesses: Only as a last resort will she take to her drake form.
Fears: Someone will learn her secret, or that something will happen to her best friend Zeus
History: Cora was born in the Cavers Of Time much like other bronze dragons. However she quickly realized she was very different from the other dragons because of a hidden power. She found a friend in the only other person who was also different: Zeus. The two grew up together, eventually becoming best friends. The pair eventually left the Caverns to make a home for themselves. For many years they worked with the Horde. Now with the new events unfolding upon Azeroth, Cora wants to do everything in her power to help those in need, while Zeus wants to keep the two safe.
Spouse/Lover: May develop
Children: None
Companions: Zeus
Name: Zaldormu
Nickname: Zeus
Race: Dragon/ Blood elf
Gender: Male
Age: 542
Class/Spec: Paladin
Profession: Blacksmithing
Born: Caverns of Time
Raised: Caverns Of Time
Home: Wherever Cora is
Physical Description: Zeus is very well built. His hair is long and gold, while he also has pinkiss skin and long ears. As a drake he is different from most with the hard skin and apperance of a sandstone drake.
Height: 6'2", 7'4" as a drake
Weight: 130, 700 as a drake
Eye Color: Amber
Personality: Zeus is a good guy at heart. He likes to help people and always trys to do what's right. However, when it comes to Cora, he will stop at nothing to keep her safe.
Alignment: Neautral Good
Strengths: Mainly swordsmanship and the light.
Weaknesses: Shadow magic
Fears: He won't be able to protect Cora
History: Zeus grew up with Cora as his only friend. She was different too so she knew how he felt. The two have stood together through thick and thin. Zeus is the only person besided Cora herself, who knows her secret.
Spouse/Lover: May develop
Children: None
Companions: Cora
I hope you do not mind them being dragons to much. I have been role playing for a long time. Anyways, I want to get these two developed a bit more ad this sounds like a lot of fun.
I'm just really curious as to what is so different about these two? Do they both look like sandstone drakes? Or is there something else that's "different".
Haha, I suppose I should have been more specific. Zeus is different because he looks like a sandstone drake, while Cora is different in a 'Different' way. Which you don't get to know yet.
oh my bad, I'll fix :o
Sorry that I've been away lately. Cy, I'm really sorry but I have to decline Zeus and Cora. I accepted Althmyst because it's Lavatory's dragon. I'll be bringing in dragons in the later stories. If they were just blood elves, that'd be fine (if you changed the names).
Completely understandable. The two were more of just tests really. I'll have a new entry up soon.

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