Experienced holy pala LF raiding guild

have 8/8 normal DS and 1/8 HDS experience. transferring if invited to a guild.
Sorry son, this server is better than to settle for "Hi i'm a Pally with achieves so low it seems like I just started playing a month ago, let me raid with you". No info supplied, no guild for you.
Any more advise from the guy who has lower i level than me and has not completed LFR?
1) Not a guy.
2) Done with ALL raiding after 10+ yrs of the stuff hardcore since EQ.
3) Have more achieves than you even on my cruddy geared 9 alts that haven't raided either.
4) Have more of my gear enchanted and stuff than you do, even when I DON'T raid at all.

I DO recruit for my guild's core raid because our GM is someone I did hardcore raiding with in Vanilla on this server. Ya know, hardcore, back then it was 7 days a week practically day and night with the outdoor bosses too. Your post is lacking most details on your raid experience, times/days you're looking for, preference of casual or more serious environment etc. All that info missing combined with that your gear is lacking enchants which are easy and dirt cheap to get now = you're not going to have many decent guilds contact you.

This is a higher pop server, tons of guilds recruit, but because of how many ppl are constantly seeking spots, they can afford to be picky about who they take. Your best bet: take down this app, get the rest of your gear properly enchanted, write a GOOD and informative app post, and try again. ;) Most guilds on this realm will look at an app post like this and think "If you can't bother with more effort than a single line of text, I can't bother contacting you about apping". I'm just one of those who will actually say "Hey son, you need to do a better job on an app post on this server to get a good shot at a nice cushy raid spot here."

Ball is in your court, there are plenty of guilds and lots of opportunity if you want to put effort into finding it. This is a very active server even with tons of pickup raids that succeed.

p.s mentioning if you're looking for 25m or 10 would be a good idea. Also, whether you will switch factions is a good idea. Majority of this server's Alliance is French, unless you speak French it'll be much more difficult finding an English speaking Alli raid guild than it will be finding a Horde guild if you faction xfer.

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