WTB Level 25 guild

Alliance or Horde... WTB level 25 guild for irl money or gold. Add me real id or reply here. Real ID: thomasewood95@gmail.com
Contact me in game.
I am also looking to buy a guild. If you want to contact me Aenathas here you go.

RealID: Edherbert09@gmail.com
Excluding people that I know in real life or as a long time friend in the game, I'm not interested in adding anyone to RealID. If you wish to contact me, you can find me on my Horde character during the evening hours. At the moment, the guild is essentially dead, so I'm just looking to unload it for the right price.
08/21/2012 12:26 AMPosted by Aenathas
At the moment, the guild is essentially dead

Czarnick cast's Resurrection on Aenathas's guild.

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